Just walked outside to get the mail

1:29:00 PM

and what did I see? The sun! It felt like it was 60 degrees outside. Are we sure the groundhog saw his shadow? Now, all the blinds are up so I can soak all the sunshine in. We seem to have been having good weather lately. Some of you may be thinking what took you so long to notice? Well, I've been very busy with family parties and Jack being sick. I met Robert's grandparents and two aunts for the first time last weekend. It was lovely to begin to get to know them. Jack has had a cold for the past two weeks. It hasn't been too big of a deal, but yesterday, he was REALLY sick. He had a fever, couldn't breathe and just wimpered for a lot of the day. I'm lucky he's a good baby although he was pretty much inconsolable at some points. He's doing much better now.

So, some spring projects? yes, but don't expect me to finish them all. I'm not very good at finishing things. Here are some projects I would like to do:

  • blue jersey knit dress
  • new church shoes for Jack (I have some old purses I will cut up and use) I'll use this pattern.
  • finish reupholstering rocking chair
  • plant flowers and vegetables
  • make some felt pillows (comme ├ža)
  • finish painting bedspread before Jack's mischief makes me unable to pull it out

I guess we'll see if I can do all that. I have recently done a few projects. (I'm trying to do really easy ones so they actually do get finished). I made a pencil skirt, three little speckled frogs finger puppets and a fun red flower headband.


The Red Carpet

12:43:00 PM

Let me just say that I loved the dress that Penelope Cruz wore to the Oscars. It is a 60 year old Belmain couture dress. It's so gorgeous with all the lace and rouching. I love that she wore an original vintage dress! Definitely my favorite of dresses at the Oscars. Check them all out here. What was your favorite?

cool finds

very cool decorating book

11:32:00 AM

My sister takes weekly library visits and got this book from the library. Yummy! She brought it for me to see, and it has the greatest ideas! I think I will look for it in my library. You can get it here if you want it forever. Guess what? they also have a magazine website!

I took a picture of one of my favorite ideas: It's a vintage cowboy bedroom, but look at what she through in... zebra stripes! I'm totally doing that in Jack's room. I also want to do animal sketches like the picture on the wall.

I also want to check out Libby Langdon's Small Space Solutions, but they don't have that in my library (hopefully yet).

Happy Valentine's Day

11:42:00 AM

A Valentine for you.

I hope you have a wonderful day! I love Valentine's Day. I always have- whether or not I had a Valentine. It's such a fun and festive holiday to break up the winter. I also can wear pink!

I got the best Valentine's Day present today. I woke up to a clean house! Thanks Rob.

sewing projects

What I do in my spare time

12:43:00 PM

I am taking a tailoring class right now. It's so nice. Not only do I have a specific time set aside for my interests, I love school and I'm finally learning things I've been wanting to learn for years. We are making a tailored jacket. This is the fabric I'm using.

I got this plaid a few years ago specifically for this class. A lady from Europe comes to BYU once or twice a year and sells sample pieces of designer fabric for super cheap (cheaper than any wool or silk I could get here). I saw this fabric and snatched it up. It's from Ralph Lauren and it's a wool and silk blend. I got the lining in New York from Mood Fabrics.

I love vintage, so of course, I had to find a vintage pattern to use. I think this is from the late '50s. I found it on Ebay after searching through several different styles. I plan on making the skirt too so I can have a whole suit.

This is a class, so I have to keep up. For once, I actually will finish a project. :)

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