9:24:00 PM

Just wanted to pass this note to you guys. Rob and I are starting another blog. It will be a private family blog. I sent invites to the email addresses I have, but if you didn't get one, or you want an invite sent to a different address, please leave a comment or send me a message (rachelmelinda@gmail.com). Thanks!


what a schedule can do

10:59:00 PM

So, lately I have been slacking in my sewing projects. I got very burnt-out from April, and I am trying to get over it.

Do you ever feel you have so-o-o much to do that it completely overwhelms you and you don't even make a dent in your list? You feel so busy, but really you're just thinking about all the stuff you should be doing. Yeah, that's how I feel with sewing. I finally made a list today and assigned an hour amount to each project. The total came to 32 hours for things I want to finish in the next month. I figure if I set aside about an hour or two a day, I can maybe finish it all.

So, as I have been avoiding the sewing machine, I have filled my life with many other wonderful activities. After nine months, I finally came to realize that I really needed to set a schedule. If you would have told me that I needed one five months ago, I would have agreed with you, (I even tried one.) but that was in the winter, and I couldn't start my day with a lovely morning walk and I was waking up four times a night. While my body is still getting used to the idea of sleeping through the night, the schedule makes me feel so much better.

It started with a few tries of sleep training. We've really been trying to get Jack to sleep through the night for about a month now, but this week, we got earplugs and it finally worked for real. Since I had the potential to sleep through the night (although my body is still getting used to the idea), I felt I could kick the tired yuckiness by going to bed on time, and waking up at a reasonable time of day. We eat breakfast together, water the garden, go on a walk, clean the house, and shower/bathe. The rest of the day is more flexible exept for naps and meals. Sometimes Jack sleeps in and I can get more done.

I have so much more energy now. I eat more healthily, exercise, make dinner, do the dishes (after a week of forcing myself to do them, I finally don't feel like I have to shower when I'm done), and enjoy nature through walks and gardening. Jack eats better and it seems like he is happier because I am.

Anyway, this post doesn't really have a point but to share my new and improved week. By no means was it perfect, but it was much nicer.

Here is a picture of some stunning red poppies we saw on a walk:

I have determined to paint a picture of these poppies as well as make a skirt to imitate them. (It would probably have to be a fairy skirt.)

We also passed by a beautiful rose bush filled with my favorite color(s) of rose:

The way the colors blend together so perfectly amazes me. These kinds of roses are so cheerful.


The Wrap

8:36:00 PM

I haven't been sewing at all lately, but I just remembered that I did another Anthropologized shirt back when I couldn't go a day without sewing (Okay, it wasn't that long ago).

So, I bought an aqua linen wrap at DI a while back. Then, when I was experimenting with bleach, I accidently got some on it. So, I decided to cut out some linen flowers and sew them onto the shirt to cover up the bleach. It was a very easy fix, and I like how it turned out.

If you want to sew flowers onto your shirt, here are some tips:

  • If you're using a woven fabric for the flowers, try to cut the flowers with most edges on the bias (diagonally). When fabric is cut on the bias, it doesn't fray. Also, you may want to use clear nail polish on the straight grain edges.
  • If you're using a knitted fabric for the flowers, you don't need to worry about fraying edges at all...but you may want to watch out for rolling edges. Try to sew them down.
  • You don't need to sew all around the flower. You can criss-cross and curve your stitching and leave some sides of petals loose. This will give more texture to the flowers. Just remember to wash on gentle and don't dry.
  • If sewing flowers onto a knitted shirt, fuse some interfacing (knit weft insertion) on the underside of the shirt where the flowers will be. Don't interface the whole front- just peices where the flowers will be. This will stabilize the shirt so the flowers are easier to sew on and the shirt doesn't ripple.

Good luck!

animal series

Happy Mothers Day

2:56:00 PM

For the last of the elephant series, I wanted to include a picture from Dumbo for mother's day.

For some reason the song,"Baby Mine" has always been close to my heart. I get teared up whenever I see this scene. It is so tender and it expresses such a loving relationship between a mother and her child. The mother gives her baby such sweet and soothing touches and her beautiful lullaby makes me so glad that I can experience that too:

Baby mine, don't you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part, baby of mine

From your head to your toes
You're not much, goodness knows
But you're so precious to me
Cute as can be, baby of mine

I feel so blessed to be a mother. I love my little boy so much. This is my first Mother's Day actually being a mother and I never knew how much work it was (I still have a long way to go, I know). Although motherhood is challenging, it is one of the most rewarding blessings I've had. I continue to learn how important and wonderful motherhood is and hope that I can also continue to improve.

Thank you to my wonderful mother. She has been such a wonderful teacher and example. I love her so much. Also thank you to all the other mother figures in my life: grandmothers, mother-in-law, aunts. And thank you to all of you wonderful moms. You are all such examples to me.

animal series

roly-poly elephant

6:46:00 PM

I've loved these ever since I saw them last summer. It's such a cool idea to make an elephant out of a circle. I loved these so much that I used roly-poly elephants for the theme of my sister's baby shower. I made a garland of roly-poly elephants and had little paper cut-outs scattered around. I also came up with these invitations:

animal series

elephant emblem

10:42:00 PM

Ralph Lauren has a horse, Aeropostale- a butterfly, Lacoste- an alligator. Well, what about an elephant? All you need is a few thousand dollars to buy a machine that will embroider an elephant on your very own article of clothing... or access to one... or a lot of time on your hands. I choose the second one. My favorite part of Jack's Easter pants is the little elephant right beside the back pocket:

What other animals would you try?

animal series

elephant onsie

10:55:00 PM

A while back, I bought Jack an entire packet of onesies because I absolutely loved one of them. Most of the others were really cute too, but one was a little dull- plain tan and white stripes. I decided I should put a put a fabric elephant on it, and here's how it turned out:

All I did was cut out an elephant in a not too girly quilt fabric scrap and backed it with some brown fabric. I pinned it on, then blanket stitched it around the inside piece of fabric. I think the fabric would hold better as you stitch it you use some of that craft iron on sticky stuff, but I didn't have any on hand.

TIP: Make sure you pre-shrink cotton quilting fabric before you stitch it on or just remember to wash the onsie with cold water.

I'm sure you could make a better elephant template than me, but here is one just in case:

animal series

miniature elephants

6:32:00 PM

Don't you love these? I'm trying to figure out what I would like to put them on. A purse? A quiet book? I must say, light blue elephant buttons on a pair of pinstriped baby overalls would be charming.

animal series

The Elephants on Parade

11:27:00 PM

I've been inspired to do a few posts on elephants. I know, it may be a little strange, but I think that elephants are very design worthy creatures. My little brother Jed's very favorite animal is the elephant. He knows probably every fact there is to know about them. I remember, for about 4 years of my life, I drew elephants for him every Sunday so he could sit still. (I usually ended up drawing every other animal and it turned into Noah's ark.)

Anyway, I just thought I would make a week of elephants and post about all the little places I seem to find them.

A few days ago, I went to a craft show in town and saw this wonderfully whimsical painting by Tanya Newbery. Sadly, these are sold out at her Etsy shop, but I have a feeling more will be coming because I saw a few at the show.

Stay tuned for future elephant finds


The Cardigan Results

12:16:00 AM

Thank you to those who came (hee hee) to craft your cardigans with me. I didn't take pictures (I should have, yes), but I wore my cardigan today and took this picture:

I actually turned a sweater into a cardigan (pretty simple really) because I didn't want to test anything out on my beloved few. I just added lace and grosgrain ribbon. I bought it at the fabric store in town and the supplies cost under $3. Not bad considering I almost threw this sweater into the DI pile.

I have a lavender sweater I want to do this to, but I still haven't decided what to do with it exactly. Any ideas?

As soon as I get pictures/links of your creations, I'll post them here.

P.S. Have you seen this? As soon as I figure out how to make a modest version, I'm going to do it.

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