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if event planning was in my future...

1:42:00 PM

I just need to post about this so I have the reference forever. I just discovered Amy Atlas Events and have fallen in love. Don't get any ideas that I can host such parties. I'm usually satisfied with yummy treats on a pretty tablecloth, but this girl... she's got some serious hosting ideas. I love to look at beautiful displays even if I know I'll never make one that involves food... unless someone else makes the food. :) The "Eye Candy" tab is my favorite.


cool finds

more fun

1:36:00 PM

I should be doing something else. I should be folding clothes or doing dishes or organizing all the millions of papers for taxes and such... but I'm not. I'm sitting here looking for even more Valentine's Day ideas and eating a cinnamon roll.

The favorite thing I found today is an awesome heart garland. I want to make it and think I can handle it because as the post title suggests, it's "The Easiest Heart Garland. Evar." :) I love it because it is so colorful! I wouldn't have thought to use blues and oranges and greens for Valentine's day, but it totally works. If you look at her blog you'll see that the girl knows how to use color. So cool!

I found a few


Paper-Cut Heart

2:09:00 PM

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to make a paper-cut heart similar to these from Martha Stewart. Well, I finished it! It was one of my first times cutting shapes out of paper. I used to work for a sign shop and I cut vinyl lettering and shapes all the time. Paper is definitely more difficult than vinyl, but once I got the hang of it, it went pretty quickly. 

I think I would have liked a little more red poking through, but the paper started tearing so I had to limit it. I think I'll try a few more to make Valentines, but we'll see. I don't get much done these days.


cool finds

my valentine

1:05:00 AM

I found an iValentine here that I LOVE! I think it will be perfect for Rob with his love for music and everything. (shhhhh... don't tell) The link for the template didn't connect on that website, so I made my own template. Here it is, in case this valentine strikes your fancy too.

The songs I used are just some love songs we like... except for "Forbidden Nectar"... it's a joke: Rob loves Nacho Libre. :)

I also saw some great Valentines here and here too. Happy Valentine-ing!


P.S. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions for Valentine decor ideas. I'll share the links: Felt Heart Wreath, Valentine's Day Decor (where I first spotted the iValentine).

baby stuff

projects on the list

6:29:00 PM

I've been searching high and low for interesting Valentine's day decorations. The ideas are very limited, but I could be looking in the wrong places. Help anyone?

I did find a project that I would like to do found here.

I think I may also do something with a vintage hat box and floral handkerchiefs. We'll see if I get around to it after the papercut heart. :)

Other projects on my list include a new hand stitched red and white bedspread and a fabric braided Moses basket. I got rid of the bassinet we used for Jack when I was sure I wouldn't have a baby before we moved. Well... I was wrong. I'm due in August and this little person needs a bed!



a flower for you

6:43:00 PM

January seems to have a reputation for being gloomy. Anyone as excited for Valentine's day as me? Here is a bright an cheerful flower to help you along the rest of the month. :)


fun crafts

a little bag

10:04:00 PM

My sister-in-law had a birthday at the end of December, and I wanted to make her a bag of some kind. I bought some dark green leather from a cowboy store, and picked out a pretty modern floral to go with it. It was a fun and simple project and I like how it turned out. I think I'll make myself a new make-up bag like it.

I had some cute polka dot lining on hand, so I added that along with the bow (for a little extra touch). The bag stays closed with some super strong magnets.

fun crafts


9:36:00 PM

I made some presents for some of my younger relatives this year for Christmas. This is one of my favorite projects:

I made coloring books for my brother and nephew. It was so fun to do! I decided on a Super Hero theme. The covers are made of felt and bound with bright yellow thread. Here are the first and last pages:

I personalized them by trying to make the characters look like themselves-- My nephew has glasses and my brother does not, my dad is bald :) but my brother-in-law has a nice head of hair.

I think I'll make some more. I'm thinking Book of Mormon and Bible stories and of course, I'd like to make a fairy book.

gift ideas

New Year's Day

12:32:00 AM

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful time during the holidays. We did. It was nice to finally relax after all the preparation for grad school applications, school, parties and other Christmas related activities.
We spent time with both of our families, and it was so nice.

Jack has a new favorite toy- the confetti we made for the New Year's celebration. :)

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