a little bag

10:04:00 PM

My sister-in-law had a birthday at the end of December, and I wanted to make her a bag of some kind. I bought some dark green leather from a cowboy store, and picked out a pretty modern floral to go with it. It was a fun and simple project and I like how it turned out. I think I'll make myself a new make-up bag like it.

I had some cute polka dot lining on hand, so I added that along with the bow (for a little extra touch). The bag stays closed with some super strong magnets.

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  1. i say this to all over your projects, but you're so creative! it is so cute. and i love the magnet idea. i have a 70's coin purse that closes with a magnet, and i've kept it as a bobby-pin holder cause i love the magnet!

  2. i LOVE this bag, its PERFECT for my makeup! thank you so much, you are so talented.


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