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1:36:00 PM

I should be doing something else. I should be folding clothes or doing dishes or organizing all the millions of papers for taxes and such... but I'm not. I'm sitting here looking for even more Valentine's Day ideas and eating a cinnamon roll.

The favorite thing I found today is an awesome heart garland. I want to make it and think I can handle it because as the post title suggests, it's "The Easiest Heart Garland. Evar." :) I love it because it is so colorful! I wouldn't have thought to use blues and oranges and greens for Valentine's day, but it totally works. If you look at her blog you'll see that the girl knows how to use color. So cool!

I found a few
other awesome items on Etsy. First, the Love Hearts Picture Frame from sarahandbendrix. I never in a million years would have thought to do this and I love it!

Lastly, there is a sugar sweet Love Pouch from mayandmae that is really awesome for a little girl to take to school for Valentine's day.  Too bad I don't have a little girl... and I don't go to school anymore. I could see myself hanging this over the back of my chair during my college sewing classes. Silly. I know.

I hope my love for isn't getting annoying. But really, wearing pink and red in the middle of the winter and writing love notes is so fun to me.


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  1. Rachel! I love looking on your blog. These valentines day ideas are so cute!!! :)


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