Spring/Summer 2010 Colors

7:03:00 PM

As spring rounds the corner, I thought I would share some of the feature colors for the season. Pantone puts out a color report for every season, and this is what they came up with:

turquoise . tomato puree . fusion coral . violet . tuscanyaurora . amparo blue . pink champagne . dried herb . eucalyptus

Aren't they beautiful? I especially like the turquoise, red, violet and yellow (the yellow is supposed to have a teensy hint of green in it). According to Pantone, turquoise is the color of the year. I checked up on some other color reports for the season, and they also listed and turquoise, red, coral and blue, along with some along with some soft greys.

Here are some suggested combos of the colors from Pantone:

a new take on the classic red, white and blue (a nice fresh look)

escapism (reminds me of the ocean)

retro (my favorite)

neutral takes (the violet and grey are my favorite)

None of the colors are too out there. I have a 4 year old cardigan that looks pretty close to fusion coral color, so that's a plus! :) I'll have to check my maternity wardrobe and see how many new combinations I can come up with.


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bird's nest necklace

4:56:00 PM

So a few weeks ago, hostessblog shared pictures from this baby shower. I have to say: Most. Gorgeous. Party. Ever. There are so many wonderful little details, but this bird's nest necklace caught my eye. Precious Meshes created it for the mommy-to-be.

I decided to try and make one. Now, I've never crocheted wire before, and it turned out to be pretty difficult (very likely I don't know the technique). I ended up circling and twisting the wire around the messy crocheted base. I used blue pearls from a pair of broken earrings for the eggs. I thought they would look a little more robin egg-like. (I'd like to try with real freshwater pearls though- they look more like eggs.)

Mine doesn't look nearly as good as Precious Meshes', but I'm pleased. It looks so springy!

Have you ever seen a real nest with eggs in it? I remember when I was little being full of wonder at seeing the beauty of a little nest with some hatched robin eggshells. It represents a wonderful little miracle. Now I pick up the little hatched eggshells whenever I find them; they are such precious symbols of new life.


feelings of a mom

Hugs and Kisses!

1:51:00 PM

 Happy Valentines Day! 

Hope you have eaten chocolate. 
I'm wearing pink and red. Anyone else?

On today's agenda- make Valentine's sugar cookies using this recipe.

I gave Rob the iValentine yesterday on our Valentine's date. I wish I could say it was a huge success, but he didn't completely understand it. I guess he thought I was going to make him a playlist with the songs I put on the iValentine screen. I'm still trying to wrap my head around why I would make a playlist of 4 songs he already has. I'm sure I'm the one who needs enlightenment. I blame my muddled thoughts on the baby. I hope some of the intelligence I'm losing is going to the baby. That would make me feel better about my loss of comprehension in most things.


feelings of a mom

get into the groove

3:43:00 PM

I just wanted to share that I finally broke out the sewing machine yesterday. I haven't sewn since before Christmas (well, okay, 2 weeks ago, I tried but failed miserably).

I decided that since I know about 9 babies to be born this year (not including mine), I needed to get to work. I'm starting with baby shoes (a very quick and easy project). Hopefully it will help me get back into the project groove.

Here is a picture of my not-so-baby any more.


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boy time

3:09:00 PM

I don't know if any of you noticed, but two wonderful blogs: MADE and Made by Rae are dedicating the whole month of February to boys. I'm so excited because it's so hard to find cool and motivating boy projects! Here are just a few that I love and want to copy:


This really cool car cake that I could only dream of making is found here.

This awesome sweatshirt is found here.


And these beautiful pants are found here.

There is also a sweet octopus found here.

I love all these boy things!



I'm in love

2:26:00 PM

I got a little email today from one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, that told me to meet their spring blouse ring leader. Well, I did and I'm in love. With a few alterations, I'm confident I can turn this into a more modest maternity shirt. I've been saving some very beautiful pink gingham fabric for a special item, and I think I've found it. Here it is: the Swathed Gingham Blouse.

I like the version the model is wearing better for maternity. (They must have taken the picture of a sample for the model photos.)

Funny. I have all these wonderful sewing plans, but I didn't touch my machine for a month. Last week when I finally did, the project turned out to be a disaster. I guess I'll need to start practicing again before I make this beauty.


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summer in the middle of winter

2:06:00 PM

Happy February! I don't know that I've ever thought to say that ever in my life, but today, the sun is shining. It is warm. It feels so nice out I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a crocus popping up out of the ground... except it is February. That would be pretty crazy.

Although it is the middle of the winter, I'm feeling summery today. Maybe it's because yesterday we watched Rob's family home videos of a beautiful summer in 1990 (20 years ago?!). Maybe it's because I get to pull out my tulip bulbs soon and plant them so they might bloom early. But the weather definitely has something to do with it.

Well, I have to share this summery feeling with you. I found pretty much the cutest swimsuit ever. Now, it's for a little boy, but don't be wary. It's super cool and retro and I think I will make one for Jack this summer.


Maybe vintage is more appropriate since the shape of these suits is reminiscent of the 1890's. But aren't they so cute?! Of course a French clothing company came up with these: Du même (which basically means "makes no difference.") They have some other extremely beautiful children's clothes on their website which surprisingly, cost about the same as Children's Place or Crazy 8. They have some pretty sweet sales like Gymboree too. Not bad considering France is the fashion capital of the world! 

Sorry. I go on and on when I'm excited about something. Anyway, I hope you all feel a bit of sunshine creeping in. Hopefully it won't make you too impatient for the grass to start being green again and little signs of life starting to show! Happy February!


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