bird's nest necklace

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So a few weeks ago, hostessblog shared pictures from this baby shower. I have to say: Most. Gorgeous. Party. Ever. There are so many wonderful little details, but this bird's nest necklace caught my eye. Precious Meshes created it for the mommy-to-be.

I decided to try and make one. Now, I've never crocheted wire before, and it turned out to be pretty difficult (very likely I don't know the technique). I ended up circling and twisting the wire around the messy crocheted base. I used blue pearls from a pair of broken earrings for the eggs. I thought they would look a little more robin egg-like. (I'd like to try with real freshwater pearls though- they look more like eggs.)

Mine doesn't look nearly as good as Precious Meshes', but I'm pleased. It looks so springy!

Have you ever seen a real nest with eggs in it? I remember when I was little being full of wonder at seeing the beauty of a little nest with some hatched robin eggshells. It represents a wonderful little miracle. Now I pick up the little hatched eggshells whenever I find them; they are such precious symbols of new life.


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  1. That is the CUTEST thing I have seen all week!! Love it! p.s. we left Grandpa O.E.'s journal pages for you and Tess in Tremonton with your parents...just so you know!

  2. About 3 years ago I decided what theme I would have for my baby shower if/when that ever happened. I knew in my heart the theme would be a bird theme. I understand that others are supposed to plan the shower but I am personally going to do all the details. I will not be satisfied unless its perfect. I love that you think the bird theme is adorable too. Now all I need to do is have a baby haha.

  3. that is so beautiful rach! you are very talented!

  4. I like your nest better:the nest is airier,more natural and the blue 'eggs' are unexpected and adorable. The white eggs seem very predictable.


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