I'm in love

2:26:00 PM

I got a little email today from one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, that told me to meet their spring blouse ring leader. Well, I did and I'm in love. With a few alterations, I'm confident I can turn this into a more modest maternity shirt. I've been saving some very beautiful pink gingham fabric for a special item, and I think I've found it. Here it is: the Swathed Gingham Blouse.

I like the version the model is wearing better for maternity. (They must have taken the picture of a sample for the model photos.)

Funny. I have all these wonderful sewing plans, but I didn't touch my machine for a month. Last week when I finally did, the project turned out to be a disaster. I guess I'll need to start practicing again before I make this beauty.


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  1. Rachel, you are so incredibly skilled and talented. I LOVE this blouse and can't wait to see yours!


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