Spring/Summer 2010 Colors

7:03:00 PM

As spring rounds the corner, I thought I would share some of the feature colors for the season. Pantone puts out a color report for every season, and this is what they came up with:

turquoise . tomato puree . fusion coral . violet . tuscanyaurora . amparo blue . pink champagne . dried herb . eucalyptus

Aren't they beautiful? I especially like the turquoise, red, violet and yellow (the yellow is supposed to have a teensy hint of green in it). According to Pantone, turquoise is the color of the year. I checked up on some other color reports for the season, and they also listed and turquoise, red, coral and blue, along with some along with some soft greys.

Here are some suggested combos of the colors from Pantone:

a new take on the classic red, white and blue (a nice fresh look)

escapism (reminds me of the ocean)

retro (my favorite)

neutral takes (the violet and grey are my favorite)

None of the colors are too out there. I have a 4 year old cardigan that looks pretty close to fusion coral color, so that's a plus! :) I'll have to check my maternity wardrobe and see how many new combinations I can come up with.


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  1. I really like the turquoise and red, reminds me of your earlier post about a little cowboy nursery. I'm leaning towards that theme with my spring baby boy

  2. No green? this makes me sad.
    Pink champagne, fusion coral and dried herb would be pretty together.


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