baby shoes

6:20:00 PM

I've been meaning to post about all the little shoes I've been making, so here they are. When I gathered them up, it turned out to only be 5 pairs and I feel like I've made 10. I guess I did make 10 shoes. All the shoes shown here were made using this pattern or an interpretation of it. It's a very easy pattern, and I love the look of the shoes. Aren't little shoes so cute? I'd love to see them on some little feet!

P.S. Here is one shoe that fits into my favorite category. Too bad I lost the other one. I think it would be perfect with a red dress.


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  1. Rach those are adorable. I gasped audibly when I scrolled down to see the red shoe-- beautiful!

  2. I love these as well. I am particularly fond of the little brown laced pair

  3. those are super cute! maybe i'll have to try to follow the pattern... (not one of my strong points...)


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