Happy Spring

5:56:00 PM

Saturday was the first day of spring. Yay! We spent it up in the coldest part of the state. I left my tulips looking a lot like this:

but I came home to this:

I'm a little sad I missed the progression, but I've got about eight more blooms to watch.

Here are my poppies as well:

I'm using the eggshell method this year. It's really hard for me to put down the money for those peat pots because they dry out so quickly and half the plants die. Eggshells are free, so I don't feel I'm risking as much. This year I even labeled my plants! :)

The garden has green onions coming up and I was surprised to find the carrots we left from last summer made it through the winter! (I'm not sure if they die and start growing again or just go dormant, but either way, it was a pleasant surprise.)

Hope your spring begins well. Along with planting flowers and a few vegetables, I'm getting into spring cleaning/nesting/getting ready to move mode. I love it. Rob hates it. :)


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  1. Beautiful! I wish I had done that this year.

  2. Brad and I planted green onions the first summer we lived in our home, and we have gotten a fresh crop every year since (although it has thinned a bit). But I really, really love that they return each spring, in fact I saw one today!


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