March and the coming of Spring

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"Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn."
-Lewis Grizzard

I'm so excited that March is finally here! We've been sick around these parts. But we've been peeking out the window at the beautiful weather. Today, we were finally well enough to go outside and play for a bit... without our jackets and without our shoes! (I'm a barefoot girl. I love getting the whole experience you know?) So lovely.

Jack Jack happily exploring. Just think: in a month or so, that yucky fence will be filled with beautiful leaves and gorgeous irises.

Here's a look at the tulips I split and transplanted last summer. Sad to say, they're further along than the ones I am "forcing" this year. That's embarrassing.

The irises are coming up, the grass is soft, the birds are chirping, and I may be mistaken, but I think I saw some pretty red-breasted robins the other day.

This month will be quite full of wonderful things. Here's the calendar:

March 2-9: Planting little seedlings in eggshells
March 3-10: Preparing Easter and Spring decorations
March 13: St. Patrick's Day ward breakfast party (we're in charge... gulp)
March 17: St. Patrick's Day
March 19-20: Family parties
March 21: First Day of Spring!!
March 25: Beginning of Birthday season
March 25: Boy or Girl?
Thursdays: Teaching a sewing class
Wednesdays: Library
Other Days: Playground and Duck pond
Sometime: Hopefully we'll find out where we'll be in 5 1/2 months

Did you know Easter is April 4th this year? A little earlier than usual it seems. I love Easter-the perfect symbolic holiday for spring-time.

What are you doing this month? Celebrating in the lovely weather? Starting your garden? Pruning your trees? Finally taking the stir-crazy kids out to play? Wearing green?


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  1. i so wish my tulips were peaking out! i'm starting to get a little worried...


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