some April Fool's ideas

12:22:00 PM

 I'm no good at effectively pranking on April Fool's day (I'm more often the one people prank). I did want to list a few ideas for anyone who has the energy (unlike me) to do some pranking.

There are always the classic tricks- Vaseline on the toilet seat or duck taping it shut, taping the sprayer for the kitchen sink closed so it sprays anyone who turns on the water, poking discreet holes in plastic cups, short-sheeting a bed.

My Freshman year, all of the girls friends stole our guy friends' pants and sewed the hems shut. Last year, this trick conveniently came up for me to pull on Rob. (Pretty sure that's all I've actually done.)

Here are some happy and fun ideas though (the kind I prefer to be pranked with):

The best thing about April Fools Day for me is that it means its APRIL! Happy pranking!

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