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Little Miss Spider

11:58:00 AM

I discovered Miss Spider about 8 years ago, and fell in love with the way David Kirk illustrates his whimsical bug books.

I began collecting children's books a few years later and snatched this book up at the University bookstore for $2.00! I pulled it out a few weeks ago to show Jack, and it is now his favorite book. He loves it when I tell him what every bug is and he likes the whimsical sing-song narrative.

David Kirk has a whole bunch of Miss Spider books, but this one is probably my favorite. The illustrations are so bright and fun!

feelings of a mom

4:08:00 PM

Rob graduated a few days ago. I'm so proud of him. Now we're in the job search mode and in a year, it will be time for grad school.

If I were a super mom/wife, I would show you pictures of blue cupcakes with cougars, a congrats sign, graduation party decorations, gift ideas and other graduation celebration ideas, but I'm not a super mom, I don't have pictures, because I didn't do any of that stuff. :) Good thing Rob is anything but high maintenance.

animal series

a new series

11:19:00 PM

Remember last May? I spent a whole week dedicated to elephants! Well, I had so much fun that I decided to do a yearly animal series. But, I need your input on what you would like to see.

I've narrowed down what I would like to focus on to a few things:
  1. bugs
  2. giraffes
  3. peacocks
  4. monkeys
  5. whales
Vote for what you would like to see on the side bar. If you have any other suggestions, just leave a comment.

fun crafts


5:39:00 PM

I had a birthday this week. It was a very fun day although I was pretty busy trying to finish a project. Rob cleaned the house for me and made me an extremely delicious chocolate cake. What a wonderful birthday present!

I wanted to feature this beautiful banner that Rob's sister made me for Christmas. Isn't it darling? Of course, they are my favorite colors right now and I love the pure cuteness of it. She made it with felt, bias tape and that sticky stuff that binds fabric to fabric. It's the perfect thing to have for a birthday celebration!

Speaking of birthdays, does anyone else long for the charming homemade birthday hats like this? All it is is scrapbook paper, felt, a puff ball, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

baby stuff

felt mary janes

8:24:00 PM

I made these little shoes using this pattern from Martha Stewart. I didn't follow the directions exactly, so they don't photograph as well. I'm sure they'll look just fine once a little girl's feet are inside. These are probably the easiest baby shoes I've made so far. They are very simple because none of the edges are meant to be finished. I made them using some lovely yellow wool felt. The green flowers can be taken off in case they don't match the outfit perfectly. I decided to make a little headband with a matching flower as well.

I have some red leather I've been saving just for this pattern in case I was having a girl. I'm anxious to get started on them. I love making little girl things! It's so fun.

baby stuff

for baby number two

11:12:00 PM

Just getting started on the braided bassinet for our little girl. This is the fabric I'll use for the liner and sheet. I like that it's not super girly- she'll have plenty of that. I promise that although you see an airplane, there are dolls too. :)  I just love that bright orange and whimsical vintage pattern. 


pink gingham maternity shirt

12:45:00 PM

Remember this beautiful shirt? Well, I actually made my own maternity version of it. I edited this pattern to make it. I added lots of room and length for when I get huge as I inevitably will.

It was pretty easy. I had to do a lot of tweaking in the shoulder area though because my shoulders are so weird. I wanted to do some cute little puff sleeves, but I ran out of fabric. I want to make another one out of pink striped seersucker fabric or red gingham (perfect for picnics!) now that I have the pattern down.

Don't you love the fabric? I got it at Mill Ends in Burley Idaho way back when I was pregnant with Jack and I thought I would have a girl. Mill Ends is an awesome that you just have to hit up if you're within a half hour of the area. It has a great variety of some really cool fabric.

fun crafts

hand bound book

7:26:00 PM


This was my very first full attempt at bookbinding. I've done bits and pieces of book binding here and there. I've longed to take the book binding class, but I've never actually made a whole book. (Thank you for the pictures to my beautiful sister Kathryn.)

 It was really fun and surprisingly much easier than I thought it would be. I used a combination of this tutorial and this tutorial.

Don't you love that paper? (DCWV Citrus) My mom bought a big stack of glitter scrapbook paper and wanted me to use this sheet so she could look at it every time she saw the book (I made it for her).

Up next, a book for myself! 


Easter Celebrations

11:23:00 AM

We had a wonderful Easter filled with family, inspiring words and too much candy. We went to Temple Square to enjoy the beautiful flowers and the hustle and bustle of the LDS General Conference. I love going to Temple Square in the spring time. The flower gardens are just the most beautiful gardens I've seen. It was really cold and snowy, so the tulips didn't give their usual show, but we did find a wonderful spot full of poppies to take pictures.

Jack just learned how to smell flowers. He makes the sniffing sound by blowing out. :)

I also wanted to include an applicable quote said in General Conference:

"If there is a design in this world where we live, there must be a designer. Who can behold the many wonders of this universe without belief that there is a design for all mankind? Who could doubt that there is a designer?" Thomas S. Monson
Complete message found here.

I love nature so much because it testifies to me that there is a God and that he loves us and wants us to have joy seeing his beautiful creations. Spring is an especially wonderful time for me because the new life coming up all around reminds me of our Savior's resurrection and life. He lives! Happy Easter!

dress up

easy Easter Bunny costume

10:54:00 AM

On Friday, Jack and I went grocery shopping for our weekly trip. We were pleasantly surprised by a very cute Easter celebration put on for FREE! There was an Easter egg hunt, face painting, paper bunny ears and pictures with the Easter bunny. Jack got his face painted and loved his bunny ear hat. So simple, but such a cute idea.

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