little baby romper

9:25:00 PM

You'd think every post I did would be about pink and girly things, but it has actually been a hard adjustment that I'm still trying to make. I've been finding that boy clothes and things have gotten more cute in the past two years, and it seems girl clothes have become more cheesy. Hence, I'm still having a hard time breaking out of blue, boys and car mode.

My sister is having a baby this weekend, and I made this for her new little one. Is it weird that I really wanted one for myself? It seems like a girl version just wouldn't be quite as cute.

I didn't follow a true pattern for this and it was somewhat liberating. It was nice not to slave over a pattern just so I would have it again, and it was simpler than I thought it would be. I based it off of Jack's blessing outfit, but I like it better in the blue pinstripe with the belt. Don't you?

My sister said it reminded her of the store Janie and Jack. Have you ever seen their stuff? So lovely. I especially like this swimsuit.

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  1. I love seeing cute boy things thouogh, they are rare compared to the endless girly stuff out there.

    Love all your cute blog headers.

  2. very nice romper thank you so much
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