pretty as a peacock

12:53:00 PM

Peacocks have actually been my inspiration for a lot of my outfits over the past year or so. The colors are so rich and elegant. I would post a picture of some outfits I've put together of my own clothes, but, to be honest, I don't really want to do get all ready and do a photoshoot. Besides, maternity clothes wouldn't be very useful for many of you.

I've put together some design boards of different color combos to wear to pull of the subtle peacock look. I'm sure you could look in your closet and come up with something awesome. The main thing is to find something really great to focus your colors and outfit on. It should be especially unique and peacock-y. The central piece for each of these outfits is in the center of the design board. When I think of peacock, I think of rich blues, greens, purples, and turquoise. I like to throw in a little citrus green too.

 Happy Dressing!

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  1. Rach, those outfits are amazing! You are very good at putting things together.

  2. In love with that floral print jersey scarf. No doubt, your whole collection is appreciable but I liked this scarf the most. Looks so beautiful and classy.


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