um, hello eye candy.

4:09:00 PM

Today I discovered this wonderful blog. Will I subscribe? of course. Just look at all the awesome stuff they have.

I'd like to someday have a little walk in gardening area. I love the striped valance and rug.

 I will also have a beautiful garden. :)

 Is it too ridiculous for a fairy-lover like me to live in a house in a hill like this? Doesn't this say magic to you?

Cheerful kitchen. I love the red calico.
I had a dream the other night with the most beautiful farm house. I drew up a plan that isn't buildable, but if I ever figured out how to build something like it, the kitchen would look like this.

Can you tell I'm really loving the bright colors against the white background? I think I will follow the same idea for baby girl and Jack's room- posting soon on that.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. LOOOOOVE that house! And the picnic. How cute!


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