fabric moses basket

3:27:00 PM

I finally finished it... about 3 days ago. It was a pretty hard project, but I'm pleased with the outcome, and I'm glad that I didn't lose steam completely. I'd like to try it again someday and see if it would be more enjoyable with a little more know-how and the correct tools.

The base of the Moses basket is made of stiff interfacing, stiff yellow canvas, a soft white canvas and wire hangers. The base was the torturous part. I related part of the torture here. :) (I can smile about it now.)

The lining, mattress and sheet weren't bad at all although I still slowed things down with guesswork on the structuring of the mattress. It is held down with velcro. I do love the whimsical colors and the vintage fabric.

I love the braided handles too. Just a four-stranded braid made out of the same soft canvas as the base. They were really fun to make.

I'm excited to use it now that it's finally done!

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