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I love wooden toys and since Rob and I had a conversation a little while ago about all the saws we'd like to have someday, I've been drawn to all the beautiful wooden toys that I could make if I just had the tools. I'll have to ask my dad to borrow his again.

There were some key toys to my childhood that were wooden. Maybe that's why I like wooden toys so much--not only are they very charming, but I'm sentimental. You know how people always talk about the love that goes into a quilt? It's true that love goes into every stitch (I know you ladies put your hearts and souls into those gorgeous things), but I think the same love goes into a wooden toy.

When I was eight, my dad made me a baseball bat. I loved it and only used that bat whenever I played for a long time. My dad also always whittled cool little shapes out of twigs when visiting our girl's camps. I could trust that he and his pocket knife could make amazing things.

I remember the little rocking horse at my dad's parents' house. My grandma painted it and wrote little love-notes on it to her grandchildren. My uncle also has a shop up there and he had any tool you would need to build pretty much anything along with lots of scrap wood. I would build fun things with my cousins when we visited.

My mom's dad carved me a little rubber band gun with Minnie Mouse on it. It sadly broke the other day. Of course, he also carved the infamous Pete's Dragon's Elliot out of a tree truck. He also carved gorgeous little treasure chests for each of his ten (that's right, ten) children.

Also, his dad carved some absolutely gorgeous wooden animals. My mom has the elephant and giraffe. I wish I had full confidence in inheriting them, but I'm sure my brother will get them.

So, now that I've gotten all sentimental on you, maybe you can see why I see so much charm in wooden toys. Here are some that I would like to make someday:

from The Wooden Wagon

from ClickityClack

They also have unfinished ones that you can paint yourself! This is most likely the route I'll end up taking if I don't want Jack to get to old by the time I get to making them.

from EcoAyris' shop

pretty sure this would be Rob's very favorite

So fun, right?

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  1. made me sentimental too. that fish and boat toy is very cool.

  2. I love wooden toys too, especially wooden tops. I really love the old testament sceneries from The Wooden Wagon. Too bad my pocket doesn't go that deep.


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