What else I've learned

5:55:00 PM

Here are a few more fashion related things I've gathered/observed:

  • Pleated pants are in. I like them. Of course they're a different cut than the ones 15 or 20 years ago. 

  • Button your shirts all the way up. I like the look, but it's brand new; I'm thinking it may not catch on for another year or two. 

  • All I can find are pencil skirts. There are many versions ranging from pegged to classic. I love pencil skirts, but being a mama, I need some room to move! Here are other skirts that I like:
Marc Jacobs Iridescent Pleated Skirt
 I also think the light Mary Janes with dark sock look is cool, but I don't think I'm daring enough to pull it off. 

Peppered and Striped Skirt (from Anthro)
very school girl, for the first day of school.

Okay, that's all I've gleaned so far.


fall colors 2010

5:31:00 PM

I feel behind on the times, but today I did a bit of research for what's new this season. I figured since it's the first day of school here ( I wish I were going...sigh), it would be fitting.

I always start with color. Here is the report from Pantone (for full report, go here) :

Pretty huh? I love the chocolate truffle. I wish I had the actual Pantone book so I could see if it really did have a plum tint.

I'd like to put these together:

I'd do color combos all day if I had time. :)

baby stuff

flowered socks

8:16:00 PM

Posting has been pretty much non-existent for the past few weeks. I hope you will understand that new babies cause this to happen.

I actually was able to get a little crafting in last week in the car. I love car crafts because I have a perfectly good excuse to not be holding a child- hence, making my hands free for a little needle work.

After Rose was born, I realized she needed some socks. I got the white bobby socks because I like them the best and they go with everything. When we got home, I realized that they were the exact same socks Jack has. To make matching socks a little easier, I added some little flowers on Rose's.

Talk about easy. Just a little embroidery floss, and chain stitch know-how, and you could whip out a dozen of these in no time.

Here's a little illustration of how to make a daisy using the chain stitch for a reminder:

And here's the front half of our little model:

baby stuff


11:02:00 PM

Earlier last week, we had a new little addition. Rose, or "bee-bee Rose" as Jack calls her, is such a precious little miracle. We are so blessed.

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