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So, it's football season. You want to show that your family has team pride by sporting your favorite team's logo. You get you and your husband a t-shirt for a reasonable $5-$10, now it's time for the kids. You find something perfect and then check the price... $25 for a baby onesie? are you joking? And no, they are not.

Have you had this experience too? I knew there had to be a better way, so with recycled t-shirts, I came up with a much cheaper solution.

BYU Logo Applique (yes, that is our team. Go cougars!)

  • simple printout of college sports logo
  • small squares of stretch knit fabric in your college colors (I just used old t-shirts)
  • matching thread
  • scissors
  • a lint roller or masking tape
  • some clothing item to attach the finished applique to

Step 1: Lay out your background piece, top piece and paper. Pin it all together. (It stays together better if you press it before you pin.) The BYU football team logo is below. So I laid out white fabric for the background and navy for the top. I'll call this the "window way." You could do it the other way around if you wanted to. That way can be the "other way." :)

Step 2: Stitch 1/8 from edge of print out. (Think ahead. You're going to cut the fabric on the line, so you'll either be stitching on the outside, "window way", or inside, "other way", of the logo depending on the order you laid your fabric out.)

Cool huh? Remember, you'll want to change your needle to a nice new sharp one after this if your next project is with taffeta or something. Paper dulls needles.

Step 3: Fold and tear on perforated lines.

Step 4: Cut away the fabric 1/8" from edge so the contrast show through.

Step 5: Clean off all the little threads.

Step 6: Cut away bottom layer.

Step 7: Stitch onto clothing item. I just stitched around the white background.

If you are a Ute, thank you for putting up with this. I commend you for making it through the post. :)


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  1. that is so clever. how did you think of that?

  2. Rachel,
    You amaze me. Thanks for the note. I'm so happy that you came to the reunion, I just wish you could have stayed for Sat.

  3. That's so cute and a great idea! I want to make one now.

  4. so cute and simple! Thank you for sharing! I am thinking I'm going to make a few of these for a friend who is having a baby in the next month - they are huge BYU fans!


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