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Yesterday I watched one of my very favorite movies: "The More the Merrier." It's about a girl in Washington D.C. who decides to rent half of her apartment out to help relieve the housing crisis during WWII. She accidentally gets stuck renting it out to a funny old man (Mr. Dingle) who then rents half of his half of the apartment to a "high-type, clean-cut, nice young fellow"(Joe).

I had to share with you a few craft/design related things along with some funny dialogue. It's fun to have a peek into the cultures of different decades and I especially love the '40s.

First up- In the '40s girls made their own beautiful dresses:

Scene of Dingle trying to convince Connie to rent out the room to him instead of to a woman.
Connie: ...I've made up my mind to rent to nobody but a woman.
Dingle: So, let me ask you something. Would I ever want to wear your stockings?
Connie: No.
Dingle: Well, all right. Would I ever want to borrow your girdle, or your red and yellow dancing slippers?
Connie: Of course not.
Dingle: Well, any woman, no matter who, would insist upon borrowing that dress you got on right now. You know why? Because it's so pretty.
Connie: I made it myself. 

Next up- sunbathing on the roof while knitting. I'd like to see a girl do that now-a-days. Do you notice something else? Yes, she is wearing long sleeves. That's one way to avoid a farmer's tan.

Next: She made rag rugs too!

Scene of Connie "meeting Joe" and trying to kick Dingle and Joe out of her apartment.
Connie: Who are you? How did you get in here?
Joe: Well, I live here.
Connie: Since when?
Joe: Since this morning.
Connie: You don't by any chance happen to know a gentleman by the name of Mr. Benjamin Dingle do you?
Dingle: Meaning me, Miss Milligan?
Connie: Yes! Meaning you. What do you have to say for yourself?
Dingle: Have you met my friend, Joe Carter?
Connie: I just met Joe Carter.
Dingle: Oh, fine fella.
Connie: Mr. Dingle, answer me this. Who was it, located and leased this apartment? Who was it, made the landlord to repaper and repaint, and who was it, bought furniture and drapes and made rag rugs and considers this apartment her own?
Dingle: You.

I wish I could share all the funny lines with you because it is a really funny movie. You should just go see it.

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  1. love it love it love it. I need to watch an old movie now. I checked out a whole Claudette Colbert Collection from the library a couple of months ago...I hadn't even seen about 5 of the movies on it. So fun.

  2. I love this post! I am convinced that I was born in the wrong decade!

  3. This looks like a great movie, I am definitely going to have to watch it. I love older movies.


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