kid's halloween 2010

4:15:00 PM

Welp, it's Halloween again. This year, I had big plans to go all out and do an Alice and Wonderland theme. A while back, a friend of mine suggested that I should make a Queen of Hearts costume. I've been thinking up costumes for months, but sadly, the idea of making four really awesome costumes completely intimated me.  Maybe next year...

I started on the Alice costume for Rose a month ago, and when I realized how involved each costume would be, plans changed, and I evaluated my options. I decided she could be Little BoPeep (and Jack could be a sheep or Woody), Little Miss Muffet (spider), Dorothy (Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion), Gretel (Hansel), Little Red Riding Hood (Wolf) or Raggedy Anne (Raggedy Andy). I figured that gave Jack enough options to pick what he wanted to be. He picked Woody. So here they are- Little BoPeep and Woody.

The costumes were fairly easy. Luckily the bases of the costumes were clothes we already had. The only thing that gave me some trouble was Jack's hat. I got a blister on my thumb from it, so Rob kindly finished it up. I took pictures of the process. If anyone would like the tutorial for the hat for the future, leave a comment, and I'll work on it.

Pinafore and Bonnet: cotton Dotted-Swiss fabric
Mary Jane Shoes: pattern found here
Pink Jumper: from the closet

Hat and Holster: brown vinyl and tan yarn
Vest: cream canvas, black felt and brown yarn
Scarf: scrap red fabric
Shirt, Jeans and boots: from the closet

Now, Rob and I just don't know what we'll dress up as. I'm sure Rob doesn't care that much, but I must dress up. It's Halloween!

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  1. These are very lovely, Rachel. She's the cutest 'lil bo Peep i have every seen. I just got our family costumes ensembles together this evening. Hopefully, I can snap a few shots.

  2. So, so cute! You always inspire me to be better!

  3. These turned out so cute! You are so talented!

  4. They look so adorable! My little Max is being Woody for Halloween too, how funny!!

  5. I have to admit, Rose is cute, but there is just something about those dimples on Jack that are so so sweet.

    Miss you!

  6. Hi your costumes r awesome,and I want to ask u if u can tell me how to make Woody's hat i would really appreciate if u can help me thanks.


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