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5:57:00 PM

(A picture taken as I write this post. Yes, I did dress up today.)

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about what being a mom does to you in the fashion area. Remember when you were a teenager and your mom would get you a shirt, and you'd say, "Mom, that is so mommy-like/old looking/not cute etc..."? (Mom, you only did this on a very few occasions--I know you have great style.) But I guess that's what I'm talking about... I understand now! For a lot of my my life I have been able to get dressed everyday. I have been able to choose the perfect outfit if I had time. I did my hair and make-up often enough (note: I have never been consistent on this.)

Now, it takes SO LONG to get out of the house. I think it will get better once Jack can dress himself and I can get the drill down. Seriously though, my list before leaving the house only requires that faces are clean, diapers are changed and clothes are on. I only need to be dressed and not looking like I don't get very much sleep. I feel like I'm behind on the times. I'm usually very fashion-conscious and at least know when I'm having a dress-down or dress-up day. My dress-up days now only require make-up and earrings.

I even saw a shirt the other day in the thrift store that looked pretty matronly and said to myself, "That's cute. Maybe I should try it on." Then I remembered I was 24. What is happening to me?!?! I still feel like I think about design in general, but it is all for interior design and kid stuff.

My darling friend Debbie posted about an awesome bun hair-do she wore last week and provided a link to a fashion blog: The Daybook (truth be told, I did not know fashion blogs existed, but why wouldn't they?). Suddenly I realized that I wasn't really paying attention. Sure, I'm noticing awesome vintage clothes because, yes, I only watch movies from the 30's, 40's and 50's, but I'm not sure I have a good grasp on what's in right now. Especially in the hair department. My aunt showed me the new way to curl hair a few weeks ago and I realized I am clueless. I did my hair today, and I am very confident that it would have been the brand-new cool thing when I was a Freshman in college. But I am still not sure if it works for 2010. Am I going to be one of those moms who has a mullet or poofy bangs for 20 years? Is the bob thing over? I hope not because I love bobs. But really, I don't even know anymore.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading about things that aren't supposed to matter. ;)

cool finds

recently starred round two

11:50:00 PM

I don't know if any of you even like these kinds of posts, but I love posts like this from other bloggers because I can easily see cool stuff without having to search very hard. So here we go--round two of what I have recently starred in my google reader:

Ginger Cake: I love ginger anything dessertish. I'd love to try this.
Incredibly cool table: I guess I didn't catch the post Gabrielle initially did about this table, but I think it's awesome.
Cake Stand: Looks like I could do it myself and I'd like to try it. I think the scallops are the ends of those wide popsicle sticks.
Thanksgiving activities: I love these little coloring activities for Jack.
Gorgeous scene: I think I'd be okay with seeing this in real life.
Butterflies: I'm hoping that someday Rose will be into tea-parties. I'd like to have one like this.
Scandinavian design: I'm really loving this look right now.
Yellow sweater: This is beautiful. My sister has picked up knitting and has made some extremely beautiful things as well. I will see if I can show you.
Outdoor Party: Love. These. Chairs.
DIY Pinatas: Great idea!

Okay. Thanks for letting me indulge in telling you what I think is cool.



Oh yeah

3:37:00 PM

I realized I didn't update you an any more Halloween events. Well, there weren't really any. For the first time I can remember, I didn't dress up this Halloween. I was sick. Bleh. Next year, I will dress up.

Hope you all had a happy and healthy Halloween! Anybody looking forward to Christmas yet? I'm pulling out the nativity this week. In my dreams, I want to make some version of this:

I spotted it at Anthropologie, but I can't find it now... probably because it's so beautiful, it sold out.


Dream Kitchens

3:28:00 PM

What do each of these pictures have in common?

Ha, now that I have gathered them all together officially, I realize there are many similarities. Aside from light vintage looking cabinets, wood floors and either grey or butcher block counter tops... I was originally referring to farmer's sinks.  The other day, Rob told me that the only kitchens I like are ones with farmer's sinks- which is true. There is something so bold, simple and beautiful about them. Aren't they charming as well?

Well, I guess you know what my dream kitchen looks like right now. We'll see if I change my mind by the time I can actually have a dream kitchen of some sort.

Do any of you have practical experience with farmer's sinks? That's my only worry. I do need practicality along with design.

By the way, all the photos posted were found via Vintage Home except for the last one- that's from an excellent book called "Nest for Two, Creating a Harmonious Home" by Allison Serrell.


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