Dream Kitchens

3:28:00 PM

What do each of these pictures have in common?

Ha, now that I have gathered them all together officially, I realize there are many similarities. Aside from light vintage looking cabinets, wood floors and either grey or butcher block counter tops... I was originally referring to farmer's sinks.  The other day, Rob told me that the only kitchens I like are ones with farmer's sinks- which is true. There is something so bold, simple and beautiful about them. Aren't they charming as well?

Well, I guess you know what my dream kitchen looks like right now. We'll see if I change my mind by the time I can actually have a dream kitchen of some sort.

Do any of you have practical experience with farmer's sinks? That's my only worry. I do need practicality along with design.

By the way, all the photos posted were found via Vintage Home except for the last one- that's from an excellent book called "Nest for Two, Creating a Harmonious Home" by Allison Serrell.


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  1. I love love the fifth one. I decided that I would love being in/cooking in white kitchens the most because they are so cheerful all day long. So my dream kitchens are white too. And I love farm sinks. The tall gooseneck? faucet seems like it would be so practical.

  2. That's old, because my dream kitchens also include country white cabinets. I grew up around a lot of old farm houses with beautiful kitchens like these and I have always loved them.


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