recently starred round two

11:50:00 PM

I don't know if any of you even like these kinds of posts, but I love posts like this from other bloggers because I can easily see cool stuff without having to search very hard. So here we go--round two of what I have recently starred in my google reader:

Ginger Cake: I love ginger anything dessertish. I'd love to try this.
Incredibly cool table: I guess I didn't catch the post Gabrielle initially did about this table, but I think it's awesome.
Cake Stand: Looks like I could do it myself and I'd like to try it. I think the scallops are the ends of those wide popsicle sticks.
Thanksgiving activities: I love these little coloring activities for Jack.
Gorgeous scene: I think I'd be okay with seeing this in real life.
Butterflies: I'm hoping that someday Rose will be into tea-parties. I'd like to have one like this.
Scandinavian design: I'm really loving this look right now.
Yellow sweater: This is beautiful. My sister has picked up knitting and has made some extremely beautiful things as well. I will see if I can show you.
Outdoor Party: Love. These. Chairs.
DIY Pinatas: Great idea!

Okay. Thanks for letting me indulge in telling you what I think is cool.


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  1. way cute stuff! love the fairy party

  2. Thanks for the plug on the ginger cake. It is really good, I will make it for you sometime if you want to invite us over...hint hint....

  3. Hi, RACHEL, I loved reading your blog today. I love you and can't wait to see you soon. I was really in the mood today to go to Logan, and I needed you to take me and go with me.
    I have a few words I like for blog name ideas: Sunshine, butter yellow, sweet peas, sugar snap, pink cherry blossoms, roses, and swirl, fantastic, bright, and finally, lily, babies breath, and joy, love, and patience. I love you, Mom


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