Ornaments on the tree

1:11:00 PM

One of my favorite Christmas traditions in our family is putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree. My mom has given me and siblings a beautiful keepsake ornament every year and it just makes me happy to pull out my box, pull out each ornament and think of all the memories associated with that ornament. It's a great way to reminisce.

Our ornaments have truly been our treasures. When we had special friends come over, my sisters and I usually showed them two things- my mom's awesome vintage dresses and our own special ornaments. They were good friends to let us show them our special things. We probably talked on and on about them as I do to you. :)

I've recently noticed that I'm really leaning toward bird ornaments as of late. It seems that at least a third of my ornaments are birds, and I love it. This cardinal is a particular favorite of mine. My mom gave me and Rob one each either last Christmas or the Christmas before.

I wrote about some other favorite ornaments two years ago when Jack was Rose's age (time flies), if you care to see.

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