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some April Fool's ideas

12:22:00 PM

 I'm no good at effectively pranking on April Fool's day (I'm more often the one people prank). I did want to list a few ideas for anyone who has the energy (unlike me) to do some pranking.

There are always the classic tricks- Vaseline on the toilet seat or duck taping it shut, taping the sprayer for the kitchen sink closed so it sprays anyone who turns on the water, poking discreet holes in plastic cups, short-sheeting a bed.

My Freshman year, all of the girls friends stole our guy friends' pants and sewed the hems shut. Last year, this trick conveniently came up for me to pull on Rob. (Pretty sure that's all I've actually done.)

Here are some happy and fun ideas though (the kind I prefer to be pranked with):

The best thing about April Fools Day for me is that it means its APRIL! Happy pranking!

feelings of a mom

just some news...

5:42:00 PM

Jack will have a little baby sister in August! 

Everything looks normal and healthy as well, which is really good news. We're very excited for this new little feminine addition to our family.


Easter Bunnies

5:54:00 PM

Easter is only two weeks away! Last year, I saw these beautiful bunnies, and wanted to make some of my own. These beautiful little bunnies were actually felted from wool fiber to the shape of the bunny. I don't have any felting materials, so I went with a different method. I took an old wool sweater, threw it in the washer and dryer, and used the newly made felt to make the bunnies. Although the felt is much darker than I wanted it, I still like how it turned out. I just added some yellow primroses and pansies to balance out the darkness.

I love seeing unique Easter decor ideas. Have you made anything awesome? Of course, you can never go wrong with fresh flowers. They're the most beautiful anyway.



Happy Spring

5:56:00 PM

Saturday was the first day of spring. Yay! We spent it up in the coldest part of the state. I left my tulips looking a lot like this:

but I came home to this:

I'm a little sad I missed the progression, but I've got about eight more blooms to watch.

Here are my poppies as well:

I'm using the eggshell method this year. It's really hard for me to put down the money for those peat pots because they dry out so quickly and half the plants die. Eggshells are free, so I don't feel I'm risking as much. This year I even labeled my plants! :)

The garden has green onions coming up and I was surprised to find the carrots we left from last summer made it through the winter! (I'm not sure if they die and start growing again or just go dormant, but either way, it was a pleasant surprise.)

Hope your spring begins well. Along with planting flowers and a few vegetables, I'm getting into spring cleaning/nesting/getting ready to move mode. I love it. Rob hates it. :)



vintage ice cream apron idea

2:47:00 PM

Hello Friends,

I have been meaning to post this for a while yet as my costume challenge was made over a week ago. My friend Mandy asked for ideas for ice cream apons. Her sister is turning 16 and at the bash, the sisters are serving ice cream.

Every time I think of ice cream and teenagers, I can't help but think of the 1940's. It seems ice cream parlors were the biggest thing then for the "teeny-boppers." Dancing and ice cream- I think that sounds like a pretty awesome thing to do on a Saturday night.

Well, in the '40s, it was usually a handsome man behind the counter serving banana splits, so I couldn't go there for too much inspiration on aprons. Yet, I couldn't stray too far from the "40s, so I found this great pattern:

For a color scheme, I thought of a really old Eddie Cantor movie called "Kid Millions." The last scene is in color and it's all about ice cream.

They have all these pretty girls dressed in coordinating colors making ice cream. They wear pink for strawberry ice cream, yellow for vanilla, brown for chocolate and green for mint (I added that one). The whole ice cream building is a nice bright sky blue. I though aprons in the pink, yellow, brown and/or green would be super cute along with bright blue accents.

I found some great fabric choices at Purlsolo. But really, any quilt shop would have stuff like this. I think I would to the solid color as the base and have the dot as the pockets and accents.

Here's the pink:
and yellow:

and brown:
and green:

I like the polka dots and solids because it goes with the retro theme. Stripes would be neat too.

So, it might be too late, and you may not even like it or go for it, Mandy; but this is what I would do. Hope you have fun at the party! Happy Birthday to Lauren!

P.S. Khinna, you pretty much picked the perfect challenging costume. I've decided to be the Queen of Hearts for Halloween, and I'm mapping out the costume now. Rob is in on the Alice and Wonderland theme too since he's been studying it in school this semester.


Leprechaun Fairies

3:15:00 PM
The Leprechaun byJames Browne 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing green?

Did you know that leprechauns are fairies?

"Leprechauns are clever Irish fairies who wear three-cornered hats. Every leprechaun has its hidden pot of gold."
-Fairyopolis, A flower Fairies Journal
, Cicely Mary Barker

baby stuff

baby shoes

6:20:00 PM

I've been meaning to post about all the little shoes I've been making, so here they are. When I gathered them up, it turned out to only be 5 pairs and I feel like I've made 10. I guess I did make 10 shoes. All the shoes shown here were made using this pattern or an interpretation of it. It's a very easy pattern, and I love the look of the shoes. Aren't little shoes so cute? I'd love to see them on some little feet!

P.S. Here is one shoe that fits into my favorite category. Too bad I lost the other one. I think it would be perfect with a red dress.


baby stuff

taggie dino

4:34:00 PM

A new take the on the idea of the taggie blankets. Made from fleece and extra ribbon/ric rac scraps. His name is Stirland Stegasaurus.


cool finds

spring coat

2:13:00 PM

I got a little message in my box from kate spade this morning. Something attracted me. This coat:

I love the vintage look and the big buttons. Luckily, my good friend and I bought some patterns last weekend and both got this pattern (for only a dollar mind you):

With a few changes here and there, I think I can make a nice version of the lovely coat.

I hope it happens before April is over. I sure have a lot of projects on my list.

Speaking of Kate Spade, have you seen these images from her home. I'm in love with the bathroom.


be prepared

Emergency Birthing Kit

2:56:00 PM

I run the risk of you knowing how weird I can be for posting this, I know. But with all the natural disasters happening around the world, and with me growing up being told that an earthquake could happen anytime in Utah, I got to thinking... Wouldn't it be the worst if there had just been a huge earthquake and all the sudden, you went into labor? Or if you were on your way to the hospital and the baby just decided it was time? I know. I'm dramatic and over-analyzing (a thing I do often).

But really... What if it did happen? I wouldn't have known what do to, but yesterday, I spent a good part of my day putting this together:

I hope I never have to use it, but I'll be ready if anything happens. It was interesting to learn about how natural and actually pretty simple it can be to deliver a baby (if there are no complications, of course).

I got the step by step instructions here. In everything I read it says "DON'T CUT THE UMBILICAL CORD." But what do you do if you're in the middle of a natural disaster? Apparently, the cord can separate itself from the baby eventually. They only time they ever say anything about cutting it is if it's impeding birth, so for the 1 in a million chance that you would have a baby in an emergency situation, there's another 1 in a million chance you would need to cut the cord.

I could add a more absorbent underpad, mama diapers and maybe another towel, but this kit would do the job.


dress up

Costume Challenge

2:09:00 PM

I love making and seeing costumes. I love dressing up. However, I do not really have a lot of occasions that make this a possibility for me (or Jack).

Last week we went to the library, and there were girls with their moms all over the place in fairy costumes. Sigh... I would look pretty silly going to a Fairy Tea Party without a little girl. My little brother is in a play so I was going to make his costume, but it turns out all he needs is overalls and a red plaid shirt. Neither of these are worth making when you can buy them already made for $6 at a thrift store.

So I turn to you. Is there a costume that you would like to see how to put together? I've been thinking of doing a lion costume tutorial or a bumblebee or a rainbow fairy. If you have any preferences though, please tell me! Or you can challenge me to something intricate or difficult. I long to make a costume.


Dressing for Your Body Type

2:18:00 PM

I have just started a sewing class for some girls in my church. On Thursday we talked about what types of clothes to wear for your body type. I thought this information may be useful for more people, so here it is.

I always like talking about what clothes to wear for your body type because it shows that we all can be better at accepting the body we have. We're all different and beautiful in our own way. It's just a matter of enhancing our attributes that helps us see the beauty more easily. These tips and tricks can really help you feel better about how you look and I don't know a girl who doesn't want to feel pretty at least sometimes.


baby stuff

shoes, bib, and headband

2:55:00 PM

All the accessories a baby girl needs to enhance her cuteness.

I made this for a friend of mine who just had a baby girl. The amazing kimono shoe pattern is found here. I've been making a lot of baby shoes, so when I find my camera (Jack likes to hide electronics), I will show you all the shoes I've been making. I made the bib pattern. If you really want, I can post the pattern, but there are plenty of others on the web and they aren't too difficult to make. The headband was super easy- felt, button, ribbon/lace and elastic. I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of the fabric, but I got it in the amazing reproduction section of Quilts Etc. in Sandy.

With all the baby things I've been making lately, I've been finding it hard to part with the girl items. They turn out so cute and are such a fresh new thing for me to see.


cool finds


3:07:00 PM

I've actually been reading a book. I feel guilty that reading a book has become such an accomplishment for me, but often times, I would rather sew or craft or play. Back when I was in my early teens and I had time on my hands, I read ALL THE TIME. Now, it's a little more touch and go.

Anyway, I've been reading a gardening book called The Old Farmer's Almanac Book of Garden Wisdom. It has so many awesome tips and fun facts. It really motivates me. Last year in my first attempt to garden (all by myself), I made tons of mistakes. I feel like I have more confidence to try harder and smarter this year.

There is something so charming to me about gardening: being outside, connecting with nature, taking a break from busy life. I feel a sense of peace and accomplishment after I've dead-headed a rose bush or when I bring in a bucket-full of strawberries for pancakes.

I wanted to share just a few of the cool things I've learned from this book so far:

  • Earthworms are our friends. They do amazing things like poop out nutrients for our plants. They also aerate our gardens by building tunnels.
  • If you plant chives around the base of your fruit trees, they help protect against aphids.
  • Although dead-heading is good for your plants, some plants are great self-seeders (like poppies), so leave one or two flowers alone towards the end of the summer.
  • Quince is a hearty fruit that tastes like a combination of an apple and a pear after it's been cooked. Quince can last for months (that's right, months) if it is not bruised. That's what I call great food storage!
  • When you are ready to transplant your seedlings (I always have trouble with this), take them outside for a week during the day first to sort of harden up. Transplant on a cloudy, humid day. Shield them from direct sunlight for a few days after the transplanting.
Okay, I guess that wasn't a few, but seriously, this book has too many awesome things to choose from.

I've started a folder saving all the tips and tricks, interesting flowers I want, landscape designs and new things I want to try when I actually get my own yard. I told Rob that I don't care much about the house we buy as long as it has a dishwasher and yard.


feelings of a mom

March and the coming of Spring

2:27:00 PM

"Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn."
-Lewis Grizzard

I'm so excited that March is finally here! We've been sick around these parts. But we've been peeking out the window at the beautiful weather. Today, we were finally well enough to go outside and play for a bit... without our jackets and without our shoes! (I'm a barefoot girl. I love getting the whole experience you know?) So lovely.

Jack Jack happily exploring. Just think: in a month or so, that yucky fence will be filled with beautiful leaves and gorgeous irises.

Here's a look at the tulips I split and transplanted last summer. Sad to say, they're further along than the ones I am "forcing" this year. That's embarrassing.

The irises are coming up, the grass is soft, the birds are chirping, and I may be mistaken, but I think I saw some pretty red-breasted robins the other day.

This month will be quite full of wonderful things. Here's the calendar:

March 2-9: Planting little seedlings in eggshells
March 3-10: Preparing Easter and Spring decorations
March 13: St. Patrick's Day ward breakfast party (we're in charge... gulp)
March 17: St. Patrick's Day
March 19-20: Family parties
March 21: First Day of Spring!!
March 25: Beginning of Birthday season
March 25: Boy or Girl?
Thursdays: Teaching a sewing class
Wednesdays: Library
Other Days: Playground and Duck pond
Sometime: Hopefully we'll find out where we'll be in 5 1/2 months

Did you know Easter is April 4th this year? A little earlier than usual it seems. I love Easter-the perfect symbolic holiday for spring-time.

What are you doing this month? Celebrating in the lovely weather? Starting your garden? Pruning your trees? Finally taking the stir-crazy kids out to play? Wearing green?


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