celebrations for the fourth

9:58:00 PM

Cute little boy throwing candy right at us!

Excited for the 4th of July? We are. We've already begun the celebrations with on Saturday with the Children's Parade. We fully planned on being in it, but accidently sat at the side-lines for the whole thing. What are you doing for the 4th?

Jack in total awe at all the cool things to see at the parade. 
His tongue is always just hanging out at the edge of his lips.

baby stuff

handmade cap

9:29:00 AM

A year ago, I got a little hat for Jack. As soon as I put it on him, I knew I had to get it. He absolutely loves it and wears it all the time.

I decided to take a pattern off it to make him another. It was decently simple and very free. :) I used some extra plaid flannel that I made a shirt out of. I like that it's red white and blue. Just in time for the 4th of July. (By the way, I'm very excited for the 4th. Our town has a party. I will show you.)

P.S. If there is enough interest in this little hat pattern, I will consider scanning and posting it for you to use. I may even give instructions or a tutorial, but we'll see what my energy level allows me to do.

baby stuff

a new (actually old) look for boy's swimsuits.

2:09:00 PM

Do you remember the swimsuits I posted about last February? Well, I used them as inspiration to make one for Jack. I love the Victorian vintage look. I wanted it to be more nautical, but also modern. It was really hard to find a striped fabric, but luckily I found some great turquoise stripe at a great little fabric shop in Burley, ID. My grandparents live there, so sometimes, I get to hit up a great fabric store while I'm visiting.

 Right before hopping into the pool at Grandma Kate's house.

I think Jack likes it


um, hello eye candy.

4:09:00 PM

Today I discovered this wonderful blog. Will I subscribe? of course. Just look at all the awesome stuff they have.

I'd like to someday have a little walk in gardening area. I love the striped valance and rug.

 I will also have a beautiful garden. :)

 Is it too ridiculous for a fairy-lover like me to live in a house in a hill like this? Doesn't this say magic to you?

Cheerful kitchen. I love the red calico.
I had a dream the other night with the most beautiful farm house. I drew up a plan that isn't buildable, but if I ever figured out how to build something like it, the kitchen would look like this.

Can you tell I'm really loving the bright colors against the white background? I think I will follow the same idea for baby girl and Jack's room- posting soon on that.

baby stuff

bright and beautiful birthing blanket

3:15:00 PM

My mom and I went to a wonderful quilt shop last time we got together and got some gorgeous and wonderful quality flannel to make for baby girl. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm having a hard time going all-out girl right now. I picked a pretty blue and hot-pink color combination for the blanket my mom is making, and I bought this awesome lime green and hot-pink combo by Amy Butler. (Love Flannels is the name of the line.)

This is a huge birthing blanket (43x43) so it will be good for swaddling when she gets bigger. For now, it's a perfect size for Jack. I keep it hidden so it's not all worn out by the time she comes.

Birthing blankets are very easy to make. It only requires a few steps:
  1. Cut out two 1 yard (or 1 1/4 yard-- 43 inches) pieces of fabric on grain.
  2. Put the two pieces of fabric right sides together.
  3. Sew around the rectangle leaving a hole somewhere along one of the sides. 
  4. Pull right side out, press, stitch hole closed and stitch around the rectangle one more time. 

I added a binding, so to do that insert this step between step 1 and 2:

  • Fold a long piece of fabric lengthwise and sandwich (the strip is the meat, the rectangles are the bread) between two rectangle pieces of fabric all around the blanket. Tip: Keep the fold of the strip on the inside, and all the raw edges on the outside. 

One little extra tip: I like to preshrink my fabric, just so it stays more true to how I sewed it when it's washed.

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