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fabric moses basket

3:27:00 PM

I finally finished it... about 3 days ago. It was a pretty hard project, but I'm pleased with the outcome, and I'm glad that I didn't lose steam completely. I'd like to try it again someday and see if it would be more enjoyable with a little more know-how and the correct tools.

The base of the Moses basket is made of stiff interfacing, stiff yellow canvas, a soft white canvas and wire hangers. The base was the torturous part. I related part of the torture here. :) (I can smile about it now.)

The lining, mattress and sheet weren't bad at all although I still slowed things down with guesswork on the structuring of the mattress. It is held down with velcro. I do love the whimsical colors and the vintage fabric.

I love the braided handles too. Just a four-stranded braid made out of the same soft canvas as the base. They were really fun to make.

I'm excited to use it now that it's finally done!

cool finds


2:53:00 PM

I love wooden toys and since Rob and I had a conversation a little while ago about all the saws we'd like to have someday, I've been drawn to all the beautiful wooden toys that I could make if I just had the tools. I'll have to ask my dad to borrow his again.

There were some key toys to my childhood that were wooden. Maybe that's why I like wooden toys so much--not only are they very charming, but I'm sentimental. You know how people always talk about the love that goes into a quilt? It's true that love goes into every stitch (I know you ladies put your hearts and souls into those gorgeous things), but I think the same love goes into a wooden toy.

When I was eight, my dad made me a baseball bat. I loved it and only used that bat whenever I played for a long time. My dad also always whittled cool little shapes out of twigs when visiting our girl's camps. I could trust that he and his pocket knife could make amazing things.

I remember the little rocking horse at my dad's parents' house. My grandma painted it and wrote little love-notes on it to her grandchildren. My uncle also has a shop up there and he had any tool you would need to build pretty much anything along with lots of scrap wood. I would build fun things with my cousins when we visited.

My mom's dad carved me a little rubber band gun with Minnie Mouse on it. It sadly broke the other day. Of course, he also carved the infamous Pete's Dragon's Elliot out of a tree truck. He also carved gorgeous little treasure chests for each of his ten (that's right, ten) children.

Also, his dad carved some absolutely gorgeous wooden animals. My mom has the elephant and giraffe. I wish I had full confidence in inheriting them, but I'm sure my brother will get them.

So, now that I've gotten all sentimental on you, maybe you can see why I see so much charm in wooden toys. Here are some that I would like to make someday:

from The Wooden Wagon

from ClickityClack

They also have unfinished ones that you can paint yourself! This is most likely the route I'll end up taking if I don't want Jack to get to old by the time I get to making them.

from EcoAyris' shop

pretty sure this would be Rob's very favorite

So fun, right?

baby stuff

how to make nursing pads

3:42:00 PM

I was introduced to some lovely nursing pads at the end of my last pregnancy that turned out to be my favorite thing ever after my milk settled down. It made all the disposable pads feel just like a non-breathable disposable diaper. You'd think I'd feel compassion for my child and start using cotton diapers, but he's not complaining, so I continue to be lazy/sane. Besides, throwing nursing pads with milk in the washer is way easier than cleaning out poopy diapers and then throwing them in the washer.

Anyway, I just loved the wonderful soft cotton flannel nursing pads. I wanted more, but I had paid a lot just for one pair, and I couldn't go out and buy four more pairs. Turns out, they are pretty simple and very inexpensive to make, so here is a tutorial in pictures mostly. My brain is at an all-time low in stupid mode, so it's better for me to explain things minimally.

Supplies (for 2 pairs):

  • 1/2 yard white good quality 100% cotton flannel* (if you get 1 yard, it will make 5 pairs)
  • white thread
  • paper for making circle template
  • scissors
  • pins

*I usually ALWAYS recommend pre-shrinking*, but if you're giving these as a gift, I wouldn't unless your flannel runs about $9 a yard. Anything cheaper than that will sort of ball up and not look new for your little mommy. Any flannel cheaper than $3.99 (regular price) is junk. Don't get it.
          *If you pre-shrink your fabric, you may want to make your circle template closer to 5 3/4" in diameter.

Step 1: Make a circle template that is 6 inches in diameter.

Step 2: Cut out your circles using the template. You will need 16 circles total for 2 pairs (4 circles per pad).

Step 3: Fold each circle in quarters (fuzzy sides together) and mark with a pin 1/4" from center of circle. Or just pinch the center and eyeball the next step.

Step 4: Sew a dart with widest point at 1/2". End the dart 1/4" away from the center of the circle. I like to chain link them to save time.

Step 5: Lay four circles out and then four more with the darts facing each other. Press all the darts one way. (You may have to change the direction of the darts later on. I didn't figure the whole math thing for this step.)

Step 6: Lay four circles on top of each other. Start with one dart on the right facing up, then one on the left facing up, then one on the right facing down then one on the left facing down. (Basically just alternate directions each layer.)

Step 7: The photo show this step in the wrong order. Pin the circles trying to follow the natural curve of the circles (don't lay flat) and baste around the edges 1/4" away from edges.

Step 8: Trim edges so the four layers all end at the edge of the circles.

Step 9: Set your machine with a very wide zig-zag, but short stitch and sew around the edges. (If you have a serger, I recommend using that instead.) If you're lucky, they will look perfect. If you're not, they will look a little lopsided, but nobody will see them, right?

The End.

fun crafts


5:59:00 PM

I've made a lot of trips in the recent past with hours in the car. I have been able to work on a lot of projects, to distract from the discomfort of driving while being 7 and 8 months pregnant. I finished this little dolly (Raggedy Anne's cousin) a while ago and introduced her to Jack. She was meant for baby, but Jack seems to like her a lot. She's got good legs and arms for flinging.

Right now, they usually wear the same thing- diaper and shoes. Jack doesn't really like clothes and Dolly doesn't have any yet.


Independence Day Celebrations

11:36:00 PM

I promised to share some of the party for the 4th of July, so here was our Saturday. First thing in the morning, we left with Rob's sister to see the hot-air balloons lift off, but unfortunately it was too windy to actually let them go. My sister then came down with her family to join in the festivities. After a little rest, we headed to the center of town. Downtown, there was a little area that focused on the historical side of the celebrations. They had a mini museum and lots of little booths with people dressed up in Colonial clothes doing fun Colonial activities. We quickly walked through some more of the festival where bands were playing, and there were fun booths with crafts and delicious food for sale. 

I would have liked to go all out for the holiday. I've seen lots of great ideas for food and crafts all around the web, but truthfully, it was nice just to attend something that had already been all planned out. With a month to go til the baby comes, my energy has pretty much depleted. I was actually surprised I was able to do as much as I did.

 Here are a few pictures.

hot-air balloons first thing in the morning

Hello Sunshine!

Mom and Jack

Laura and Jack

printer fashioned after the Gutenberg press

This is what they were printing.

handmade American flag made by Betsy Ross' great-granddaughter Sarah M. Wilson

This is my sister's sweet new baby. He's so cute.

The girls stopped to make lavender sachets. I love the smell of lavender... especially when I'm pregnant. Have you ever had lavender lemonade? yum.

The boys liked watching this man make lead bullets.

It was a fun-filled day.

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