beautiful thing #1

12:14:00 PM

I wanted to start a new thing this year. With a new year and a new blog name, I might as well add a few new things right?

I want to share a beautiful, cheerful, inspiring photo with you each week (if I can keep up). Some photos will be things I've spotted at home or out and about, other will be things I've seen online, and some will be elsewhere (I've yet to find out). I feel it's so important to look for the beauty in your life, so this will help me remember to do so. I'd love to see beautiful things in your lives too!

So, here's number one:

So cheerful right? In the winter time, I try to have centerpieces out of fruits and vegetables instead of flowers, but it doesn't work anymore because Jack takes one or two bites out of every single apple. Hopefully in a few months, when he's over the phase, I can attempt something like this.

If you have time, check out her galleries. I'm thinking I like her styling better than Amy Atlas- less symmetrical and more organic.

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