January goals

9:13:00 PM

So, I think I'm devoting my January to finishing unfinished/promised projects. I'm only holding myself down to two, so don't expect too much, but you know how January is--not much going on. Above is one of the required projects. Rose's winter quilt. If you're going to have a winter quilt, it needs to be finished before winter is over, right? right. Rob's mom made Jack a completely beautiful one like this when he was born, and he loves it so much. She's out of the country now, but I had to make one for Rosie too.

Also, I put a video tutorial on binding a quilt on my sewing blog. I don't update it that frequently, so the button to the right will show when I do in case you want to see some more tips/ add-ons. I will be updating previously published posts, so the updates will be in a different color. Next up: french seam video tutorial.

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