recently starred january

12:14:00 AM

  1. good morning sunshine!
  2. I will be making pants like these in the near future (fingers crossed).
  3. Are these not the most cheerful napkins you could ever have? (I especially like the lower right set.)
  4. Happy hearts. They get me thinking--Valentine's Day is coming quickly.
  5. It would be a good thing to know how to build a cake stand.
  6. Are nude lips in right now? But seriously, it's nice to have a list of things someone else likes. I feel more confident in my buy.
  7. Whoever thought of this is a genius. I love these lights!
  8. It would be fun to make your own board game.
  9. The weather here has been surprisingly nice for January, but please, can I go here?
  10. I seriously love this room. Maybe lose the floral rug, but I'm totally fine with a plum couch.

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  1. Here's your blog!!! I can add it to my reader now. Man alive, Rose is so happy and cute in that photo!!!!!


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