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Is this you? This is me almost every day.

I decided to take inventory and switch out the clothes I don't fit anymore (for what seemed like the 100th time). This is what I found. I have plenty of clothes that I like but never wear because they are uncomfortable in some way, difficult to wear while nursing, don't fit quite right, or I have to wear a shirt under it. I thought I was going to make a huge donation pile, but realized I just needed to make a huge mending pile. So I did.

 One of the issues I came up against with my cardigans was that buttons were missing/broken. Since I got them all used in the first place, I didn't have the extra button you're usually given when you buy a new clothing item.

I pulled out my gifted/inherited button jar and started sorting. At first, I considered going for an Anthropologized look like this one and this one, but then decided against it because I'm in a real nautical/classical (basically in love with Land's End) phase right now. I picked out some buttons and started to work... well, I'm still in process, but I'm looking forward to the prospect of new cardigans that I can wear. :)

This brown cardigan had beautiful jewel like buttons, but the jewels kept falling out of the settings and after an unsuccessful persistence with the superglue, I gave up. Now we're doing simple white, if you please.

Note: Make sure your button fits through the button-hole: not too loose and not too tight.

I tacked the other buttons down so I don't lose them while it waits for me to finish it. I plan on stitching my own extra button in the side seam for the future.

It's a good project to do while watching a movie, but it seems I say that about a lot of projects lately...

*Feel free to use the comic as long as you give me credit- it would be awesome if you link to my blog. :)

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