recently starred february

9:58:00 PM

 Every once in a while, I'm lucky enough to pull out the paints.

Here we go again! Top ten recently starred items:
  1. One of my favorite fairy-tales made into the most whimsical party.
  2. I really like this bathroom remodel.
  3. We don't get green like this out here in the desert.
  4. A pretty little collection of a favorite color combination.
  5. White poppies? Love the arrangement in the bottom right hand corner.
  6. The perfect accessory for Jack's Easter outfit.
  7. I love bonnets on babies!
  8. For my Christmas tree next year... and all other parties.
  9. A gorgeous floral design look I've never seen before!
  10. Some great ideas- bunny bowling and monster tooth pillow.

Thanks for indulging me.

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  1. Did you paint that? It's beautiful! I love that red riding hood party too, so cute!

  2. I might be coveting that painting. You are so amazing! Awesome job.


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