beautiful things #5

3:14:00 PM

 bad hair day (shutterbug1)

Hey guys, so I was looking for pictures of rain on the web to teach Jack about rain because I'm obsessed with spring, and have been telling him all about it lately and I came across this blog: Wonder Blog: Weather Undgerground- ozcazz. It seems to be a collection of gorgeous photos from photographers all over the world.

Cherry Picker (snooker)

Pretty much amazing. It is filled with the most beautiful photos of the most beautiful things!

 Fringe!! (CameraDiva)

I got completely sucked in.

Summer's End (SunsetSailor)

Thirty minutes later, I finally pulled myself away.

 rainforest (gatorgal)

So beautiful!

*bad hair day (shutterbug1) *Cherry Picker (snooker)  *Fringe!! (CameraDiva) *Summer's End (SunsetSailor) *rainforest (gatorgal)

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