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2:52:00 PM

I've been thinking A LOT about food lately. Why? For a few reasons:

  1.  I eat a lot.
    • I'm nursing, so I seem to be hungry basically all the time, so I eat all the time. I'm not kidding either. Just ask the sisters in Relief Society. I've got Cheerios all through church for ME, not for the kids.
  2. I'm trying to be healthy.
    • I have recently made an (embarrassingly) HUGE change in what I eat. I decided I love cookies way too much, so I've been opting out eating things with added sugar. I've also taken up eating more whole grains than not and basically trying to make healthy choices. In researching about good healthy food choices, I came up against a lot of suggestions on diets to lose weight. That doesn't work for me as I already lose weight when I nurse. I finally came across this website/blog that has been working perfectly for me as it is all about just being healthy and not about losing weight. It follows guidelines given by my church. (If you find that you like the blog, I suggest that you begin reading at the beginning of the posts-- it kind of builds on itself.) I have not been perfect in the changes I've made, but I notice a significant difference in how I feel when I'm being healthy.
  3. I'm making dinner!
    • I've also been practicing dinner recipes. My goal is to have five recipes that I do well enough that I'm not embarrassed when company comes over. It also has to meet strict budget (and now health) requirements which is where I find the challenge. Plus, I don't really like cooking. I have been making dinner it seems every day (Rob does give me a break on weekends).
So, sorry about the complete lack of design other than the awesome gingham tablecloth (I have a love affair with gingham). But food has been a main subject in our home.

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  1. Thank you for linking this blog. I will have to add this to my blog roll. I love how it ties into the Word of Wisdom. Thanks, Rachel.


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