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9:01:00 PM

  1. The cutest things to warm Rose's little feet.
  2. Beautiful and useful.
  3. A dream workspace.
  4. I love flowers. Need I even say it again?
  5. A gorgeous fresh and fragrant idea for a party (photo above).
  6. Too much going on or a perfect eclectic balance?
  7. A perfect way to make someone's day.
  8. The napkins are definitely on my quick project list.
  9. How can a beautiful kitchen towel make you feel happy inside?
  10. Glads to make you glad.

also: this video probably shouldn't make me want to be a flower farmer, but I told Rob after seeing it that it's pretty much my destiny.

tip I found: Did you know you can force bloom blossoming branches? I wanted to try this when all the neighbors were pruning their fruit trees, but I'm too late.

*Photo from photographer: Cameron Ingalls.

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