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7:00:00 PM

Time again to share the coolest things I've seen this month (not including Easter--I guess it's too late for that, but maybe I'll remember to share next year if they're still that cool):
  1. Whimsical wings.
  2. I want to do this technique on everything!
  3. The happiest cake I've ever seen (pictured above).
  4. gorgeous flowers, gorgeous girl, gorgeous shirt.
  5. simply beautiful idea.
  6. hello party, will you stay at my house?
  7. Feeling small.
  8. May I wear a pretty white dress anywhere I go too?
  9. Must try this.
  10. I'm in love with pink flowers.

P.S. Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day posted a tutorial on how to do Ombre with textiles. Definitely filing that.

animal series

a new series

3:02:00 PM

It's almost time again for another animal series! I've been brainstorming with Rob on some good animals to choose from. He thinks an armadillo would be best and drew a picture to prove it (above). :) While armadillos could be cool, I'm not motivated to share with you cool design features about an animal I'm a little creeped out by. So, here's your pick:

  1. giraffes
  2. whales
  3. jellyfish
  4. deer
  5. bunnies

Vote in the sidebar to the right. Also, I'm late in the game so the voting time is short (hurry and vote!). If you have any suggestions, please comment. Here are the other animal series: elephants and peacocks.


Easter Parade

3:22:00 PM

Growing up, my family had a tradition of getting new dresses every spring/Easter. My mom usually made the dresses. Looking back, I don't know how. All I managed to squeak out this year was a skirt for myself. It was long overdue. I have this problem: every time I see a cute skirt somewhere, I just can't bring myself to buy it because I am convinced that I can make it for a fraction of the cost. This has recently resulted in a major lack of skirts which is a problem when you're nursing. I finally finished one and decided to include it in my Easter outfit.

Shirt: Old Navy, Scarf: scrap piece of ribbing, Belt: Mom's old belt from college, Shoes: thrifted, necklace: birthday present from Mom

I called out to my sisters about using a striped shirt and got a general consensus that it worked. I felt a little daring wearing it to church and realized that the no-fear, up-to-date Rachel I knew five years ago has turned into a mom. :)

Speaking of being a mom...

The kiddies. And, no, I didn't make a single thing... other than them I guess.

Did you have a good Easter? Ours was wonderful. Although we were by ourselves, we really enjoyed relaxing together and felt so much gratitude for out Savior.


Ombré Easter Eggs

11:16:00 PM

Since Ombré is so popular right now, I thought I would try dyeing some eggs Ombré style. I obviously wasn't consistent with how I shaded things, but I like the end result. I really want to try this in a dress-- I have a friend who knows how to dye fabric, so maybe I'll be able to give it a try!

See more Ombré here, here and here.

cool finds

Easter crafts for kids

4:52:00 PM

With Easter coming quickly around the corner, I've been getting excited. I've seen some great Easter projects that kids will love too. Here, I'll share:

I'm collecting egg dye ideas from around the web. If you have any things you love to do with eggs, email me.

I love Easter-- so spiritually uplifting for me. Easter and spring go so well together. They remind us of life and renewing. We are able to have fresh starts because our our Savior. I'm so grateful for Him.

beautiful things

beautiful thing

10:09:00 PM

Grape Hyacinth
April 5, 2011

Hey guys, just been thinking... I was going through a few of my past posts and realized that I've made a few offers for patterns that I haven't come through on. I want to get them up here for you (I try to keep my word), but here's the thing: it takes a bit of work to refine the pattern and get it all up here, so I don't want to waste my time if you don't want it. I've put a poll up (to your right) for you to help me know what to do and what to do first (if any). So take a look, and make a vote.

Little girl dress
Little boy hat
Cowboy hat

Others? Above are the only ones I remember, but if you have suggestions, I'll take those too.



4:27:00 PM

We are having a rare naptime: both kids are sleeping! Before I join the gang, I wanted to share a very charming and beautiful book that has become a favorite at our house: The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood. I've taken a picture of my favorite page. The illustrations in the book gradually change from dull and grey to bright and cheerful. The words are fun and lyrical. Jack loves to read it.

I have started a collection of books by Don and Audrey Wood. They make some of my most favorite books and I LOVE the illustrations.

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