Giraffe Facts

10:34:00 PM

My little brother (10 years old) is an animal fanatic. He knows everything there is to know about any animal it seems. He was so nice and wrote up a list of facts for giraffes:


Length: 7-10 feet.
Height: 16-21 feet.
Weight: 2,000 -3,000 lbs.

  • Giraffes are one of the largest land animals.
  • They live on the continent of Africa.
  • They are herbivores meaning they eat plants.
  • They have only a few predators which are prides of lions, and leopards.
  • Giraffes are categorized by their spot patterns, size, and habitats.
  • Giraffes have hooves that are the size of dinner plates. 
Isn't he cute? He has started a blog here, where he plans on posting about all the other animals he knows.

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