Giraffes in your home

11:14:00 PM

You could probably imagine that giraffes can have a subtle tastepful place in your home or a completely overwhelming place if you really loved them. While I love giraffes, I'd probably go for the subtle and overwhelm the rest of my home with my true love: flowers... I guess that's for almost every other day on this blog, so here are some design boards of ways to include giraffes in your home:

*Sunshine Salt and Pepper Shakers by Fiesta
*Wallpaper Floral Valance from Land of Nod
*Blue Kitchen Towels by Martha Stewart
*Giraffe Stack Pots from Anthropologie (pinned by Laura Wilhem)

*Serena Bowl Chandelier by Alice Lane
*Classic Persian Collection- grey rug from Peerless Rugs
*Trinidad Chair by Alice Lane
*Giraffe Pillow by Alice Lane
*Origami Giraffe and Rhino from Z Gallerie

*Mukwa Wood Giraffe from Places A Far
*Big Giraffe Teal Rug from Modern Rugs
*Gold Sheets from Majestic Linens
*Coverlet Bed Quilt by Pamela Bronte
*Tree Lamp from Pottery Barn

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