the fourth

5:27:00 PM

The buns were baked and the rockets made, but I realized we needed popsicle molds if I wanted to make popsicles. Since I didn't make it to the store to get them, they didn't happen. Good thing I have the 24th of July to get ready for. : )

Here are some of our happenings from the weekend.

hot air balloon and traffic

toilet paper roll rockets

sunday dress

hot air balloon colors

My sister came up and we had a party. It was super fun. For lunch, we invited Rob's sister and her fiance, and had some yummy food that of course, Rob made. I guess I did make the buns... and cut out star watermelons.

I'm glad I've felt more patriotic this year. I've recently talked to people and heard stories of people who appreciate the little freedoms in America I totally take for granted. God bless America!

How was your weekend?

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