Halloween 2011

5:10:00 PM

We had a great Halloween this year... filled with more candy than ever it feels. We didn't go with a family theme this year Jack and Rob already had their costumes in mind. Jack wanted to be Diego and Rob wanted to be a mad-scientist. Rose went as a strawberry and I did not know until Halloween morning that I'd be whipped cream (strawberries and whipped cream or strawberry shortcake). While we had a great day, we didn't get much in the photo department so here's what we do have:

Jack's costume was easy, the only real things he needed was a badge and a watch. I drew the little badge on illustrator and printed it on iron on transfer paper. Transferred the image to some scrap cotton and backed it with felt. I did the same for the watch.

Rose had a cute red polka dot jumper so we just added a fleece collar and blossom bow. I wore cream clothes with a dollop hat. For the hat, I rolled a piece of cream fleece up, twisted it into a swirl and tacked it in place.

We didn't get a picture of Rob as he was the photographer. Just know that his costume was awesome. :)

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