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a dress to grow with me

7:42:00 PM

So, I went onto Kate Spade's website today because I saw this beautiful picture on You Are My Fave. I wanted so much to see the details of the dress in the picture because it is awesome, but it seems they don't sell it. They must have just made it for the ad. :(

ANYWAY, while at Kate Spade, I came across this lovely dress. Does it remind you of American in Paris? I especially love the asymmetrical pleated neckline. I realized that it is a dress that could last me more than a little while, because it seems loose fitting AND the waist is adjusted by just a tie. If I were to make it, maybe I could figure out a way to add buttons in the front. Then it could take me through most stages of the child-bearing years. I miss dresses right now.

 When I figure out how to print beautiful fabric on a small scale, I'll let you know. I'll never be able to find good fabric like this.

cool finds

recently starred january

12:14:00 AM

  1. good morning sunshine!
  2. I will be making pants like these in the near future (fingers crossed).
  3. Are these not the most cheerful napkins you could ever have? (I especially like the lower right set.)
  4. Happy hearts. They get me thinking--Valentine's Day is coming quickly.
  5. It would be a good thing to know how to build a cake stand.
  6. Are nude lips in right now? But seriously, it's nice to have a list of things someone else likes. I feel more confident in my buy.
  7. Whoever thought of this is a genius. I love these lights!
  8. It would be fun to make your own board game.
  9. The weather here has been surprisingly nice for January, but please, can I go here?
  10. I seriously love this room. Maybe lose the floral rug, but I'm totally fine with a plum couch.

beautiful things

beautiful thing #2

9:26:00 PM

paperwhite daffodils in January

They shot up sooner than I expected. I noticed this little bloom this morning. What a pleasant surprise.

By the way, these are the easiest things to grow. I promise. Sometimes I forget to water, and it was totally okay for these little guys.

beautiful things

beautiful thing #1

12:14:00 PM

I wanted to start a new thing this year. With a new year and a new blog name, I might as well add a few new things right?

I want to share a beautiful, cheerful, inspiring photo with you each week (if I can keep up). Some photos will be things I've spotted at home or out and about, other will be things I've seen online, and some will be elsewhere (I've yet to find out). I feel it's so important to look for the beauty in your life, so this will help me remember to do so. I'd love to see beautiful things in your lives too!

So, here's number one:

So cheerful right? In the winter time, I try to have centerpieces out of fruits and vegetables instead of flowers, but it doesn't work anymore because Jack takes one or two bites out of every single apple. Hopefully in a few months, when he's over the phase, I can attempt something like this.

If you have time, check out her galleries. I'm thinking I like her styling better than Amy Atlas- less symmetrical and more organic.

baby stuff

January goals

9:13:00 PM

So, I think I'm devoting my January to finishing unfinished/promised projects. I'm only holding myself down to two, so don't expect too much, but you know how January is--not much going on. Above is one of the required projects. Rose's winter quilt. If you're going to have a winter quilt, it needs to be finished before winter is over, right? right. Rob's mom made Jack a completely beautiful one like this when he was born, and he loves it so much. She's out of the country now, but I had to make one for Rosie too.

Also, I put a video tutorial on binding a quilt on my sewing blog. I don't update it that frequently, so the button to the right will show when I do in case you want to see some more tips/ add-ons. I will be updating previously published posts, so the updates will be in a different color. Next up: french seam video tutorial.


The Kid Princess Sock Monkey

5:30:00 PM

Every Christmas I have busy hands; I'm making numerous gifts, ornaments or decorations. This Christmas, there were lots of handmade touches, but one trumps them all:

The Kid Princess Sock Monkey

Merry Christmas Erin and Rosie!

I got the idea from a girl in my neighborhood when we had a craft show for a friend with cancer. I went and got myself some kid socks (keds) as soon as I could so I could make some myself. I used the classic sock monkey pattern, made a tutu, a hair/ear clip and a crown. It was an extremely fun project I must admit. I've already made another one, and will find opportunity to make more I'm sure.

Did you finish any amazing projects for Christmas this year? I'd love to see your ideas.

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