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recently starred february

9:58:00 PM

 Every once in a while, I'm lucky enough to pull out the paints.

Here we go again! Top ten recently starred items:
  1. One of my favorite fairy-tales made into the most whimsical party.
  2. I really like this bathroom remodel.
  3. We don't get green like this out here in the desert.
  4. A pretty little collection of a favorite color combination.
  5. White poppies? Love the arrangement in the bottom right hand corner.
  6. The perfect accessory for Jack's Easter outfit.
  7. I love bonnets on babies!
  8. For my Christmas tree next year... and all other parties.
  9. A gorgeous floral design look I've never seen before!
  10. Some great ideas- bunny bowling and monster tooth pillow.

Thanks for indulging me.

cool finds

children's cartoons and creativity

11:38:00 PM

I've been watching a lot of cartoons of my childhood lately with Jack. So often, I'm reminded of one of the main reasons I loved them as a child and teenager. They are SO creative! I love watching silly symphonies or other older disney shorts just to see what they came up with. It's so fun to watch. I wish that somehow I could have been on the board of coming up with some of the concepts they came up with-- not only would it have been incredibly fun, but you know, I could feel as cool as I'm sure they all do/did. :)

A few of my recent favorites are:
You should watch one or two just to enjoy the awesomeness.


my mending list

1:59:00 PM


Is this you? This is me almost every day.

I decided to take inventory and switch out the clothes I don't fit anymore (for what seemed like the 100th time). This is what I found. I have plenty of clothes that I like but never wear because they are uncomfortable in some way, difficult to wear while nursing, don't fit quite right, or I have to wear a shirt under it. I thought I was going to make a huge donation pile, but realized I just needed to make a huge mending pile. So I did.

 One of the issues I came up against with my cardigans was that buttons were missing/broken. Since I got them all used in the first place, I didn't have the extra button you're usually given when you buy a new clothing item.

I pulled out my gifted/inherited button jar and started sorting. At first, I considered going for an Anthropologized look like this one and this one, but then decided against it because I'm in a real nautical/classical (basically in love with Land's End) phase right now. I picked out some buttons and started to work... well, I'm still in process, but I'm looking forward to the prospect of new cardigans that I can wear. :)

This brown cardigan had beautiful jewel like buttons, but the jewels kept falling out of the settings and after an unsuccessful persistence with the superglue, I gave up. Now we're doing simple white, if you please.

Note: Make sure your button fits through the button-hole: not too loose and not too tight.

I tacked the other buttons down so I don't lose them while it waits for me to finish it. I plan on stitching my own extra button in the side seam for the future.

It's a good project to do while watching a movie, but it seems I say that about a lot of projects lately...

*Feel free to use the comic as long as you give me credit- it would be awesome if you link to my blog. :)

feelings of a mom

Be Mine

9:44:00 PM

Happy Valentine's Day
I hope your day was filled with pink and red. 

Mine was filled with lots of pink mini roses. It was the perfect gift for me. Rob knows me better than he thought. :)

Thanks Sweetie.

beautiful things

beautiful thing #3

10:25:00 PM

Happy Happy Happy, more blooming paper whites.

They are now dying, but my amaryllis is creeping up.

P.S. Daffodils don't really smell good at all.

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