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grandpa's giraffe

4:35:00 PM

This is a picture of a giraffe my great-great grandfather, Abel made for my grandfather, Robert. Aren't the lines so soft and beautiful? It has aged a bit (the ears are broken off), but I love it more. Wood toys are so charming.

Abel and Robert (about 1937)

I learned that Abel was a successful farmer and rancher in the early part of the 20th century. Carving must have been a hobby of his as he carved at least four more animals for my grandpa Robert when he was a boy. I've seen the elephant and giraffe, but I'd love to see the rest of them if they are still here. I'll have to ask my grandpa.

In my search for giraffes, I found a cute wooden giraffe teether here.

animal series

Giraffes in your home

11:14:00 PM

You could probably imagine that giraffes can have a subtle tastepful place in your home or a completely overwhelming place if you really loved them. While I love giraffes, I'd probably go for the subtle and overwhelm the rest of my home with my true love: flowers... I guess that's for almost every other day on this blog, so here are some design boards of ways to include giraffes in your home:

*Sunshine Salt and Pepper Shakers by Fiesta
*Wallpaper Floral Valance from Land of Nod
*Blue Kitchen Towels by Martha Stewart
*Giraffe Stack Pots from Anthropologie (pinned by Laura Wilhem)

*Serena Bowl Chandelier by Alice Lane
*Classic Persian Collection- grey rug from Peerless Rugs
*Trinidad Chair by Alice Lane
*Giraffe Pillow by Alice Lane
*Origami Giraffe and Rhino from Z Gallerie

*Mukwa Wood Giraffe from Places A Far
*Big Giraffe Teal Rug from Modern Rugs
*Gold Sheets from Majestic Linens
*Coverlet Bed Quilt by Pamela Bronte
*Tree Lamp from Pottery Barn

animal series

Giraffe Facts

10:34:00 PM

My little brother (10 years old) is an animal fanatic. He knows everything there is to know about any animal it seems. He was so nice and wrote up a list of facts for giraffes:


Length: 7-10 feet.
Height: 16-21 feet.
Weight: 2,000 -3,000 lbs.

  • Giraffes are one of the largest land animals.
  • They live on the continent of Africa.
  • They are herbivores meaning they eat plants.
  • They have only a few predators which are prides of lions, and leopards.
  • Giraffes are categorized by their spot patterns, size, and habitats.
  • Giraffes have hooves that are the size of dinner plates. 
Isn't he cute? He has started a blog here, where he plans on posting about all the other animals he knows.

animal series

crafting a giraffe toy

4:55:00 PM

There is a multitude of giraffe toys that are easy to make, and what kid wouldn't like a giraffe toy, right?

I came up with this design, inspired by a Floral Giraffe Toy from ScissorStitch. 

It was a simple project and offers lots of sensory and color stimulation for little ones. I used a minky fleece on one side and a microfleece on the other. I had an array of different ribbons and ric-racs and layered them in rainbow order. I put a little jingle bell inside, so it rattles. It was fun to make and looks so cheerful in the baby's room! Of course, you could make your own version along the more neutral lines if you're not color crazy like me. :)

animal series


11:05:00 AM

Today is the beginning of the giraffe series! I have so much to share with you.

First off, I just want to talk about the giraffe itself. It is one of the most beautiful and graceful animals I have ever seen. Have you seen them walk around at the zoo? I remember just watching in awe that such a huge animal could move so gracefully.

Growing up, my very favorite animal was the cow. My cousins who lived on a farm just couldn't guess why in the world I would love such a stinky dirty animal. I think part of it was that I loved the black and white spotted cows. The contrast was really beautiful to me. I think another part was that everyone in my family called me a "bossy cow" so I felt some connection or something. :) Then one day while my family was at the zoo, I changed my mind. I'm not sure how long I sat and watched the giraffes, but they quickly replaced my favorite childhood animal.

Here is a video to convince you too:

animal series

Giraffes it is!

4:49:00 PM

Hey there-- I've been extremely busy for the past week and a half, so after a little breather, I'm starting to get ready for a week of giraffes starting May 16! Thank you for your votes. I do still want to show you some cool things in the deer and bunny area, but we won't devote a whole week for that unless you vote for it next year. :) I'm starting to get excited about all the cool things I'm seeing.

beautiful things

beautiful thing #10

3:34:00 PM

 unknown flower bush
April 24, 2011

I've been meaning to post these beautiful things for a while. (I can't believe I'm only at 10 beautiful things this far in the year. I've seen so many more than 10.)

Our neighbor has this gorgeous bush that produces these flowers. Anybody know what they are? I'm in love.

beautiful things

beautiful thing #9

3:33:00 PM

May 11, 2011

The lilacs have been blooming this week. It has made me decide that I am determined to have a few lilac bushes/trees so I can fill my house with them when they bloom. They are the most delicious smelling things ever. I love there lovely lavender color as well.

We found the lilacs on a walk. While I was in my old-fashioned, romantic, Pride and Prejudice mode taking pictures of lilacs and picking some when the neighbor invited me to take some home, Jack was pulling off all the blossoms and throwing them down the gutter drain. I didn't get pictures of his antics, but here is Rose:

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