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fourth of july

4:43:00 PM

Okay, so I'm getting really excited for this weekend. I've said it before, my town knows how to celebrate on Independence Day. Hoping our weekend will be filled with hot-air balloons, pilgrims, flags, fireworks and festivals.

Some cool 4th things I've seen around the web... okay... on Pinterest. : )

Fun patriotic dresses (I bought a sailor dress from the early nineties at a yard sale for 50 cents last week. Tempted to wear it to church. Do I dare?)

Flag fruit kabobs (healthy and pretty)

Hanging jar lanterns (too much loveliness)

Patriotic Bunting (easy and fun decor-- sure brightens our living room)

Patriotic strawberries (yum)

I want to try making yogurt strawberry and blueberry pops too. I also plan on making patriotic rockets with Jack out of tp rolls like this. Whole wheat hamburger buns are on the list too... We'll see if we get time.


recently starred may

6:42:00 PM

  1. neon and a color block dress.
  2. lovely idea!
  3. so I'm color crazy. Why not have a turquoise and lime green kitchen?
  4. cute songs for the kiddies.
  5. been eating a low sugar version of this a lot. It's yummy.
  6. more flowers of course.
  7. loving the stick blocks.
  8. awesome celebration decor.
  9. would like to implement more of these in my diet.
  10. gets me excited for one of my favorite holidays

I've joined Pinterest (follow me) and have found it to be very satisfying. Perhaps more so than blogging because it's less time consuming. I guess we'll see which I end up focusing more on.

random piece of advice: Corn on the cob is extremely American, but only so if you eat it right off the cob, which is the only way you should do it anyway. If you have not changed your ways since having braces, consider doing so. : )

baby stuff

carseat cover

2:41:00 PM

My sweet friend had a beautiful baby a little while ago and she needed a carseat cover.

It was really easy and fun to make as I love combining bright colors. There are loads of tutorials out there like this, this and this. They all say basically the same thing.

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