garden finds: a daffodil

8:16:00 PM

I did an inspecition a few weeks ago in search for bulbs, but was dissappointed as I didn't see any green bulb leaves peeking out of the ground. Aparently I can't tell the difference between grass weeds and daffodil leaves. This beautiful guy popped up this week and I'm so happy about it!

I've also noticed some tulips, haicinths and crocuses.

The people who lived here before us put grass in over a flower bed because the weeds were too hard to keep under control. With all the flower gardens I am weeding this week, I can see why! The surprise is that they laid the sod down over crocus and tulip bulbs, so we have little flowers poking up from our grass! I know I will  eventually dig them out but I might let them bloom? I don't know.

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