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So last Thanksgiving, my dad made the best apple pie in the whole entire world. Rob has made 3 pies in the last week, and is making another at this very moment in attempts to repeat it. It's hard to say whether or not he has succeeded in matching as we haven't had ice cream paired with it and there is something about the spirit of Thanksgiving. I also think he knocks the sugar down quite a bit for me. He has made some very delicious pies. I am very lucky.

On a side note, I've heard that my great-grandmother made a pie for my great-grandfather on a daily basis. I like to imagine her in the kitchen working on a pie everyday, thinking of her husband. What a sweet thing for her to do! I'm sure he loved it too.

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  1. I miss dad's baking so much. I've been trying to copy stuff to feel like he made it:) I never liked apple pies until Dad's...do you have a good recipe (he probably doesn't know what he does:)). Which great-grandma? Christensen? I didn't know that, but I love it!


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