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 from top to bottom: baluga whale, right whale, minke whale, narwhal whale, and sperm whale

You would have thought that three weeks ago, I totally would have been on the ball about this whale thing. Well, I'm sure you care anyway. :)

Here we go! Ready for whale week?

To start off, I want to give you some facts about whales. I've mentioned before that my brother is an animal expert, (see here for some giraffe facts) so I asked him to give me ten basic facts about whales. Thanks for narrowing it down Jed!

1. There are two types of whale: baleen and toothed.
2. The difference between whales and dolphins is that dolphins have significant dorsal fins.
3. Orcas (a.k.a killer whales) are on the top of the ocean food chain.
4. Blue whales are the biggest whales and can reach 140 tons.
5. Humpback whales sing to each other frequently.
6. Beluga whales are the smallest whales.
7. Male sperm whales can produce sonic booms.
8. Whales are the biggest creatures ever to roam the earth including dinosaurs.
9. All of the huge whales wouldn't be able to survive on land for more than a few minutes or skeleton would collapse.
10. Orcas will kill any kind of shark (including great white sharks) fairly easily just to dine on the sharks liver.

The kid's a genius, okay. I had to read it twice to make sure I caught everything!

I'll be back with more whale fun.

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  1. I love it! A lot! Have you taken his animal personality quiz yet? I'm a giraffe, Brandon's a wolf, Dan's a lynx, Joseph's a dolphin.

  2. Yes! So fun. I'm a giraffe, Rob is a dolphin, Jack is a wolf and Rose is a giraffe.


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